Who am I?

Kustaa Kullervo II

I’m one of them, hearing the first cry of a new life.
I am one of them who hears the last sigh of life.
I am one of them who will plug you into the machine when your own breathing is no longer enough.
I’m the one who strikes when your heart vibrates.
I’m the one who’s ready when others sleep.
I’m the one who sees the coming chaos.
I am… … one of us.


I have resigned from my position and will probably never return to the healthcare sector. I closed the hospital door for the last time on 29.10.2021 after about 25 years of work experience.

I have seen far too much and will never allow people to be injected with substances that cause huge problems and deaths. I also cannot work for an organization that gives the media a distorted truth of the situation.

Management knows that there are alternatives that are worth at least trying. But they don’t dare. THL, Fimea, and most recently Valvira are tying their hands and many have far too much to lose for the risk.

I resigned when I saw the developments in other countries and the interest rate passport requirement coming into the workplace. In addition, my trust in the Finnish health care leadership has gone. The executive level is professional but under tremendous pressure. I am sure that every professional has noticed the change that started in late spring 2021. The change is global.


In the future, I will do everything I can to ensure that the truth comes out. I will no longer see things from the witness box, but I will continue to hear what goes on inside the walls. I will also be able to go deeper into things.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in reading the blog during its early stages. There are a lot of you.

My new job is in a completely different field and now I have half of my working hours dedicated to injectionJab (previously I only wrote on my days off). HOWEVER… it’s only just beginning! Stay tuned and share your writings.

In my new job, I’m also working to deliver health and well-being to people to the best of my ability, both injected and uninjected.

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