Whoever you are, you live in a religious world – that’s good to know

Altiyan Juric is known by the stage name Altiyan Childs. He is an Australian singer-songwriter. He won The X Factor Australia in 2010. In April 2021, he released a video in which he revealed the Masons and their secrets.

He was himself a member of the organisation and had sworn an oath to it. In the video, he breaks his oath and puts himself in danger as a result.

[1]At the moment he is apparently alive, but in an unknown location. The latest social media post is 5/5/2021

I have a very similar story, but without the clandestine background. His life was cut short, and so was mine. Without [3]a special event, there would be no me, and no Injectionjab blog. That event has led me to this point and it has been and will be the driving force for the rest of my life. It happens to everyone if you just let it happen.

Please watch the videos in full. I have written about exactly the same things, but Altijan Juric brings them out nicely in a few hours and speaks from experience. He has been a superstar and a member of a related secret society. He has put his life on the line, for you. This may be the most important video series you will ever watch. So watch it.

[1] Is Altiyan Childs Still Alive? https://ab.com.tc/is-altiyan-childs-still-alive-freemason-religion-net-worth/

[2] facebook https://www.facebook.com/altiyanchilds9/

[3] The meaning and history of the injektiopiikki’s logo https://injectionjab.com/2022/01/11/the-meaning-and-history-of-the-injektiopiikkis-logo/

Altiyan Childs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altiyan_Childs

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