World Premiere: Died Suddenly

THL released a statement on 21 November 2022 [2] that the mortality rate for those who received the coronary vaccine was no higher than the unvaccinated within nine weeks of vaccination. However, on 27 October 2022  ”The number of births was the lowest in the measurement history since 1900 and the number of deaths the highest in the measurement history since 1945.” How is it possible that, according to the THL, mortality in the unvaccinated is lower nine weeks after injections than in the unvaccinated, and at the same time Finland has a huge over-mortality rate and falling birth rate?

World Premiere: Died Suddenly

Died Suddenly is a Stew Peters Network documentary by Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer. It is not suitable for children. The film was released yesterday and does not yet include subtitles. It is definitely worth watching. Why do people die suddenly?

I’ve seen the same – and I’m sure others have too

On a personal level, the scenes were impressive. I worked in an operating department until 10/2021 and saw cases where a person didn’t die right away, but started to go into a ”arrest” (because of thrombosis?).

Case report: A 70-year-old man came into the operating room as an emergency because he had lost circulation in one leg. As usual, the vascular surgeon attempted to go from the groin into the femoral artery to remove the blockage. However, the femoral artery was full of the same white mass shown in the film. The femoral artery was firmly blocked, so firmly that the surgeon could not even get the probe into the artery.

The ultrasound revealed that the femoral artery and also the aorta were filled with a white, tough mass. The patient had an arterial blood pressure measurement (measures the blood pressure directly from the artery) and started to have an onset of ongemia. The right arm also started to get cold, as its blood supply was also blocked. The patient went ”congested” practically in the eyes.

The patient was blocked up to the descending aorta and neither the lower limbs nor the kidneys were receiving blood. He was taken to the recovery room for hospice care, where he died within hours.

When the case was discussed and wondered about afterwards in the coffee room, I suggested that cause might be that the patient had Covid? Covid’s spike protein causes blockages in blood vessels. It wasn’t, because a rapid test had been done. ”Oh well, the mRNA injection was taken a week ago” I said and walked away, knowing what a fuss it would make. I mentioned it anyway.


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