The four horses of destruction in Revelation – White, Red, Black and Grey

[1]In 1900, 98.1% of the population belonged to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Today, few Finns have read the Bible independently.In 2050, the proportion of church members in Finland is projected to be 37%. Revelation is a passage in the Bible that people have nevertheless read to some extent. It tells of end-time events, plagues and wars. You may have read it or glanced at it. This writing is about the first four seals, which are already open.

The Revelation of John

The Revelation of John is one of the most difficult prophetic books in the Bible to interpret. There are many different interpretations of its contents, characters, places and events.[2]

The Christian view is that [3]The Book of Revelation tells of the end of the world, but its message is veiled in covert visions. Because of the difficulty of interpreting it and the danger of its misuse in the late 300s, the bishops felt that the Book of Revelation should not be included in the New Testament.

However, the Book of Revelation is in the New Testament, and this article describes its first four seals.

Preface about the author

If you are a first time visitor to the site, please read The meaning and history of the Injectionist logo article first in order to get some idea of what this is all about. It’s important for you to understand where it all started. ”The meaning of the logo” article was written about a year ago and the events in the article took place about a year before the pandemic started.


After the incident, I could have gone back to Finland and started looking for money again, but I decided to go back to my old job at the hospital. There I saw what the COVID-19 pandemic was and saw very concretely how mRNA injections harm people. That is what forced me start writing the Injection Spike blog, because I couldn’t just sit back and be quiet. At the end of October 2021, I resigned because I no longer wanted to be part of the madness that was going on.

Innerving Writings

I have written a series of articles Symbols of Revelation. It covers a very wide range of historical and contemporary issues. When I started writing the series of articles, I had no idea where it would lead. The articles were generated as if by automatic writing.

The series of articles started with the question: Why? I saw what mRNA injections did to people and I couldn’t understand why anyone would deliberately do that to others and why it wasn’t being addressed? In the end, there were nine articles and they contain a lot of videos and other background material. One article can have nearly a hundred references, so all the information in them can be checked in the bibliography.

For the final part of the article series, I have written like this.

I think the main reason for my action, however, is ”The Source” and the intuition that comes from there, and the wish I made. I believe in the goodness of ”The Source” and that good will ultimately prevail.

Everything written has been or is being done

Last week [7]Eurostat reported a high excess mortality rate, averaging 16% in Europe, Spain has an excess mortality rate of 37%! Latvia, which has very poor vaccine coverage, has an excess mortality rate of -0.5%. The correlation is clear. I have been warning about this for over a year. Everything I have written has come true piece by piece, unfortunately.


So I went looking for an answer to the question: Why? Israel was the testing laboratory for injections and was the first country to receive doses, passing other countries. I followed the Israeli discussion forums and very quickly it became clear that the situation there was getting progressively worse. I knew that the CEO of Pfizer was from Israel. It didn’t make any sense.

I went looking for an answer to my question and little by little the situation began to unfold. I wrote the Revealing Symbols series based on them, so be sure to read that series of articles. WHY? Short answer: it’s a historical plan.

Baseline data acquisition

When I acquired the source data, I found a lot of evil and had to dive very deep into its depths. To counter that, I looked to the Bible. I have not been a ”believer”, but if I have prayed, I have prayed as I was taught in school, to the God of the Bible. The faith in my heart has always been absolutely crystal clear to me, even though it hasn’t really played any part in my life.

In a bad moment, I turned to God and Jesus in my prayers, like probably quite a lot of Finns my age (about 50). After the foreign ”event” I felt I was led in everything I did.

Revealing symbols

I wrote the symbol set as if on autopilot. I woke up many times at 3 a.m. and felt a compulsive need to write. When I was on vacation after completing the series of articles, I listened to the Old Testament on the beach as an audiobook.

The Old Testament tells the story of the creation of the whole world and how God led his people through history. The Old Testament is a very violent and brutal book. It tells of a merciless God and His ultimate laws. Reading the Old Testament is important to unlock the message of the New Testament. The merciless God of the Old Testament is transformed in the New Testament, through his son Jesus, into a God whose greatest value is love.


Listening to the Old Testament as an audiobook brought up the things I had written about in the symbol series. I felt like I had been hit over the head with a tree.

Writing the symbol series had somehow opened up passages of the Old Testament to me in perfectly plain language. Certain passages in Genesis were, I thought, chillingly accurate when compared to the present day. The things I had written in the symbol series were found in the books of Leviticus. How can a 4,000 year old scripture tell us the situation and future events of today? I will tell you about them later if you are interested in hearing about them.

Empty religion lessons

It also later dawned on me what it really means that Jesus gave his blood for us. I have been taught religion in school all through primary school and for some reason that obvious and very important connection has never been opened up to me. The teaching of religion has been mostly empty talk, misdirection or at least a cover-up of the essentials. Now everything is clear. I will tell you about them later, if you are interested in hearing them.

New experience

On 19.9.2022 I had another ”experience” that was shockingly more intense than the last one. I knew after the experience that it was time to write about these things. Now is the time.

[6] Putin announced a partial mobilisation just two days later. This means that Russian reserves will be deployed. Russia has 1.2 million people in the army and two million in the reserves. The situation is bad when it escalates and it will escalate.


Since I started writing this blog, I have been contacted from many directions. For some reason, two people have become instant soul mates, instantly. It feels like we have a long history together already, maybe we do, I don’t know.

One of them has written a novel on the same themes as the symbol series I wrote, but it deepens the message considerably and its narrative links historical and contemporary events to Bible verses. That book is incredible. It’s called Alchemical Exodus.

Alchemical Exodus

None of the locations of the astronomically infallible pyramids or sphinxes in the Nile Delta are coincidental. A minute and a few seconds below 30 degrees north latitude is not a mistake, the careless hand of a surveyor. This architect had an eye for elliptical geometry and the solar year. I won’t bore you with the mathematics of tracing our solar system,” he said, ”I just want you to know.

Alchemical Exodus is a 568-page novel written in fictional form, similar to Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code. The sources for the book are [5] Genesis 49, the King James and Robert Young English translations of the Bible.

A quote from the book of Alchemy’s Exodus, page 526, from the passage about the first four seals of Revelation. An abridged version by the author of the book. The quote begins:

First seal – The White Horse

I saw the Lamb open the first of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say thunderously in the roaring sky, ”Come and see!” (Revelation 6:1). And in the same moment I saw a white horse, and he who sat on the horse was holding the bow. A garland was given to him, and he went forth to conquer, to subdue (Revelation 6:2).

The messengers/angels/four living creatures are misleadingly interpreted as ”beasts” in several translations of the Bible, while the destructive horse powers are interpreted as ”good” – protecting Rome, the Roman Catholic Church and its associated secret societies (Freemasons, Knights, etc.).

The first seal was broken in the first century. The political power of the white horse was the Roman Empire, led by an emperor dressed in white and wearing a laurel wreath, whose war heroes were also crowned with a laurel wreath entitling them to the senate. The conquerors used white horses in their triumphal marches, and early imperial army commanders commanded a regiment of archers (Sagittarii); the bow.

Events began shortly after John (Yah Hanan, the Lord’s favorite, Mary Magdalene) saw his Revelation on the island of Patmos, after Rome made its militaristic expansion under the warlike emperor Trajan in 98-117 AD with the result that Rome was the greatest city in the world until the 400s.

White horse = an emperor who collapsed in corruption27-476 AD.

Constantinus did not convert to Christianity, but converted Christianity to the emperors. Constantine’s triumphal arch was decorated with the symbols of the original owner of the laurel wreath, the sun god Apollo, and other gods.

Second seal – Red horse

And when he opened the second seal, I heard another living being say; Come and see (appear)! Ahead went another horse, red with fire, and to him who sat on the horse, peace was torn from the earth and people killed each other. To him was given (brought forth, caused) a great saber (Image 6:4).

The scarlet horse made/created a great saber.

The Roman beast progressed from the fiery red coat of arms of the Empire to the papacy, which ”brought, produced” the sword – Islam – in 538 AD.

In keeping with the scarlet coat of arms of the Sanctuary, the Pope wore a red cloak and shoes on official occasions. The red colour of the coat of arms follows the red armour, shields, crests of the Roman army, while the crossed keys are derived from the crossed swords of the army, which were translated as ”Peter’s keys”, even though Peter did not even visit Rome and the keys were meant for all the disciples (Matthew 16:18).

The red horse brought the great saber (makhaira) = the sword of the Islamic states.

On the testimony of ex-Jesuit, the murdered Alberto Rivera, Arab leaders and the Roman Catholic Church made a pact in the sixth century that resulted in millions of murders. The Catholic Church created Islam because it could not prevent the spread of the true Gospel while insisting on the worship of the Popes as gods.

From under the Roman beast have sprung numerous political tyrannies; the caliphate of the Islamic state caused murder on every continent, and the centuries have witnessed yet another of Saturn’s black cube religions continuing the pagan tradition: the Roman Cybele was known as the black cube goddess, the Nazi party with its swastikas, blessed by the Roman Catholic Church, represents the black cube sect, and Islam continued the tradition. From Babylonian whores to daughters: the Roman Catholic Church developed Islam, spread by the sword.

Red horse = bright red Babylonian harlot Papacy 538 AD ->

The colour of the whore papacy of Babylon with its liturgy, red reflects the bloodshed: the Roman Catholic Church and Islam killed tens of millions in persecutions, crusades, inquisitions, civil wars between 538 and 1798.

The third seal – The Black Horse

In 1119, the red horse was followed by black political power, spread chronologically over the following centuries. The colour of the hidden, dark works emerged from under the Catholic Church in a very concrete black.

And when he opened the third seal, I heard a third living being say, ”Come and see! ” And I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he that sat on his back had in his other hand (a pair, the other hand)ies(zygos; a pole drawn by a pair of animals, symbolically two people/pairs moving together (”had with him a pair”). I heard a voice coming from among those four creatures, and it said: ”A quart of wheat for a denarius (one person’s daily ration), barley for three quarts. Oil and wine thou shalt not touch.”

The symbol of the medieval, black clad ”knights of the night”, the Knights Templar, was a couple on horseback, two riders.

The ”knights of the night”, the Jesuits, who continued the mandate of the Black Robes in the 16th century, were also known as the ”black order” and, like the Templars, were not required to respect local laws or authorities or pay taxes. The wooden pole placed on top of a pair of animals symbolizes the slavery caused by the black horse, starvation wages, and reveals a pair of knights moving together. The house always wins, especially when the black robes or Knights Templar developed the European economic system and offered loans at interest. The Jesuits continued the tradition by running the world’s central banks along with the elite ”bloodlines”.

The Templar order, backed by the elite and the Pope, grew arrogantly rich, murdered in the name of Christ, attempted murderous crusades to win Jerusalem back for the Pope after losing it to the Islamists, and continued to operate through the Jesuits and the immune Knights of Malta. Those deprived of wheat can console themselves with ”oil and wine” – a symbol of the Holy Spirit left for the poor and oppressed.

The IHS symbol of the Jesuits, who betray justice and moderation, echoes the cults of the black sun and the moon Saturn as in Islam, ka’ba = cube, Kabbalah. The Dominicans of the Catholic Church started the Inquisition from 1200-1800 AD, but the Jesuits played a major role later. Pope Clement XIV condemned the over-powerful Jesuit brotherhood in 1773 and used it to write his own death warrant.

Black Horse = Knights of the Temple of Solomon 1119 AD, who advanced to become the Jesuit Order in the 1500s.

Fourth seal – The grey (yellow-green/ ash grey) horse

”Yarak”, the Hebrew equivalent of the ruling one, oscillates between deathly pale and golden yellow, greenish yellow.

As he opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth being say: Come and see!

I looked, and behold, a ruling (husky, golden) horse (political power); and the one sitting on its back was called Death (physical or spiritual)and Hades (hell; the place of departed souls) followed him. They were given authority over the fourth part of the land, to kill with the sword, hunger and death (physical disease or spiritual death) and (instead of wild beasts – authority).

The post-French Revolution state flag of the Holy See ash grey and golden yellow with the gold and silver (gray, gray) keys of the popes, adopted by Pius XI in 1808, dates from the revival of the Jesuit brotherhood of the Pope, a revivalist, family-affiliated order of Jesuits in the early 19th century after the French Revolution.

( Hallava) The golden/grey horse spreads death across all continents. The economic supremacy and command of the Vatican, led by the black Pope, the Jesuits secretly enriched themselves in the USA by selling slaves and orchestrating civil war, in other continents (all) by inciting nations to war against the ”heretics”. Since 1929 ( the Vatican was officially born) the Jesuits/New Word Order have wreaked havoc in the world by creating various ’isms’ such as communism, Nazism. The first Jesuit Pope in history was elected in March 2013, when the Jesuits consolidated their power in the Vatican mini-state created in 1929.

The Greek equivalent of halava is chloros = the colour of golden, ripe grain (the colour of egg yolk, honey, and ripe grain turning greenish to yellow) in the context of golden, ripe grain (Mark 6:39).

Quotation from the book The Exodus of Alchemy ends

The first four seals are open

The opening of the seals began shortly after John saw his Revelation on the island of Patmos. The opening of the seals has taken place intermittently and covers several centuries in chronological order.

At present, the fourth and fifth seals of the Book of Revelation are being opened in interlaced order

As reported in the Revealing Symbols series of articles, at the very top of the pyramid are the globalists who practice Talmudic Kabbalism. Taho owns the central banks and the BIS, the bank that controls the banking world. They have sovereign power over monetary policy.

In 1776, this most powerful Jewish banking family in the world, the Jesuits, and the world’s most powerful secret societies such as the illuminati, the Masons, the Maltese Knights, etc. united. This body funds the Vatican and the Catholic Church. It is called a cabal.

In 2013 [8]the first Jesuit of the Catholic Church, Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected.

In Finland, [9]Jesuit President Sauli Niinistö, a member of the Order of Constantine the Great, is president. French President [11]Emmanuel Macron is a Jesuit. The President of the European Commission [12]Ursula von der Leyen is a Jesuit and a member of her husband’s family [13]Johann von der Leyen oversaw the founding of the Jesuit grammar school in 1562. American President [14]Joe Biden is a Jesuit. The list goes on and on, it’s a long one.

It is clear that the prophecy of the fourth seal, the Governing Horse ( Cabal/New Word Order), ”They will gain authority over the fourth part of the country, kill with sword, hunger and death” is now coming true.

The war in Ukraine, which is escalating into Europe, the mRNA-injection-induced over-mortality and energy shortages, and the resulting famine within a few years is on the horizon.

There comes the big question: Is Putin on board? [16]There is no way to tell. He can play the opposite side of the cabal, but on the inside.

Professionally, Dan, Russia (the scorpion in the night battle station at the center of the galaxy, or estrad) is cornered in the end-times Genesis 49 lorus.

How right the symbol sequence was!

The series of articles starts from the banking world and tells how the banking world has founded the Illuminati, the Freemasons and how it finances the Catholic Church. They also tell of the Jesuits, the Vatican and the alliance they all form called the cabal.

Some of these involve or are infiltrated by satanic cults of the black sun and moon Saturn.” (Islam, ka’ba = cube, Kabbalah). These same things were also expressed in the first four seals and to some extent in the Old Testament.

The final part of this series of articles is entitled: [15]Revealing Symbols – PART 9 – The Black Sun Rising. Below is a screenshot of the article.

The Black Sun Rises

The Black Sun and its variations appear in many different contexts throughout history. You just haven’t noticed them.


”Hearing, hear ye, and understand not; and seeing, see ye, and understand not. For the heart of this people is hardened, and with their ears they hear with labour, and their eyes are shut, lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and turn, and I should heal them.” (Matthew 13:10 )

Seven years’ journey

Seven years ago, I had no idea where all the unfathomable events would lead. It had a purpose. Now I am grateful for the hell I experienced. Thank you 🙏

Alkemian Exodus

I recommend everyone to buy the Alchemian Exodus book. It was initially intended to be distributed for free, the author wanted it that way, but the publishing contract does not allow it. It is available in hardback or as an e-book.

The Exodus book of the East Alchemy

The Exodus of Alchemy book is to be translated into English, as is the entire Injectionist blog. Unfortunately, there was no financial possibility to do so. If you have the financial means and want to help altruistically, you can contact or give a donation.

Read the ”Revealing Symbols” series of articles:


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