Revealing symbols – PART 8 – Illuminati

In the mainstream media, the Illuminati is commonly presented as a conspiracy theory, but according to the history books it is absolutely true. Because its activities are very secret, it is a secret society. However, a secret society does not mean a conspiracy theory. A secret society, a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory are separate things. This article deals with the history and the present day of the Illuminati.

Temple Lords and Maltese Christians

To understand what the Illuminati is, we have to go far back in history to the date 1048. That’s when the Order of Malta was founded, which is still going strong today. Let’s look at the history of the Knights of Malta.

Sales clubs have been tried to destroy many times in history

The roots of the glass clubs go back far into history and they have been destroyed many times throughout history, yet they have always survived. The various secret societies have a very strong influence today and are involved in almost everything. Perhaps even more than ever before.


The background and thinking of the founder of Illuminati was influenced by [16]the Jesuit organization. First, let’s watch a video about the history of the Jesuits. Only then we will move on to the founder of the Illuminati.

In general

Henceforth, it should be remembered that the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights of Malta and other secret societies are secret societies. They are multi-tiered and members on the lower tiers do not know what is happening on the upper tiers.

So, if your acquaintance belongs to a Masonic organization, for example, he may be there only for the sake of good-faith contacts and financial gain. Most members of secret societies have nothing more to do with it.

The oath that binds

To reach the higher levels of the organization, however, one must act in accordance with the instructions given by the oath and the oath taken goes beyond the secular law. Therein lies the problem, you can probably see the problem of the good oath clubs at this point.

What if, for example, the Prime Minister, President or Finance Minister belonged to a secret society? The commitments of a secret society would take precedence over secular law. Would that be acceptable to you?

Birth of the Illuminati

Illuminati means ”enlightened ones” in Latin. The secret society was founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1776. Its aim was to reduce the power of the church and emphasise reason in people’s thinking.

According to some accounts, the organization was intended to free people from their prejudices and educate them out of the religious and political constraints of church and state.

The true aims of the organisation, which was set up as a salt society, were to be revealed to its members only when they reached a ”priestly” level of awareness and understanding. In other secret societies, the true aims are revealed only at higher levels.

Birth of the Illuminati

Paths merge

Previous Revealing Symbols sections have explored the history of the Rothschild family. In 1776, the world’s most powerful banker, the Khazarian Ashkenazi family, and the world’s most influential secret societies virtually merged. As we have seen in previous sections, the Kazar Ashkenazi worship the god Baal, or Lucifer.

This religion operates in the background of secret societies (Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc.) and the true aims are only revealed to members when they reach a ”priestly” level of consciousness and understanding. That is, to the supreme ”enlightened” leaders.


The Freemasons are a worldwide secret society that also operates in Finland. In 2017, there were 7,510 members in Finland. Contrary to their name, there are hardly any real masons in the organisation. Members are usually in some influential position.

Let’s look at the history of Freemasonry.

Make degrees

The first degree of Freemasonry is Apprentice Mason (abbreviated OM), the second degree is Brother Mason (VM), the third, and also the highest degree, is Master Mason (MM). Members are revealed the secrets of the organization as they progress up the ranks. Yet even for Master Masons, not all secrets are revealed, and they are never revealed to everyone.

Masons have a strict hierarchy, with superior brethren giving orders to their inferiors. Freemasons swear to obey the orders, rules and instructions of their own or any other lodge or superior brother.

Orders need not be obeyed only in cases where they would harm oneself or one’s duties or family.

Pursuit of interests

Occupational masonry is about getting to know a goodwill network. This stage emphasises honesty, fairness and other acceptable values, such as helping those in need. Rituals are the mystical part of the organisation.

At the higher levels, loyalty and helping one’s fellow Masons is emphasized, other people are forgotten, and brother Masons and Master Masons are obliged to help only other brother Masons or Master Masons.

The Master Mason’s oath swears: ”I further promise and affirm that I will at no time contribute to the initiation of any old fool, underage, blasphemer, libertine, mental defective, eunuch, nor of any woman Mason.” The Master Masons are a very male-dominated and racist organization according to the Master’s oath.

The Master Mason ritual implies that the secrets of Freemasonry should not be revealed, even at the risk of death, and that one should be prepared to die for a brother.

Masonic insurance

”I (full name), of my own free will and consent do hereby and by these solemnly and sincerely promise and affirm before the Almighty Creator and this KA: that I will conceal and keep secret and never reveal the secrets of the Ancient V (Freemasonry), its secret ways and customs, which have been or henceforth will be communicated to me, to any person except a qualified Master Mason. I do not speak of these to those who are entitled to them only by hearsay, but exclusively to those who prove their right by actual trial, close examination, or legal vm (Masonic) insurance.

I further promise and affirm that I will abide by the laws and regulations of Finland and the statutes and regulations, orders and instructions of the Finnish V. and O.M SL (V. and O.M Grand Lodge). I will also comply with the rules, orders and instructions of this local lodge.

I further promise and affirm that I will respond to the correct signs and follow the orders given to me by a true and legitimate mmL (Master Mason Lodge) or member thereof, when my v-k (conviction) is in the order of the command and the signs are appropriate to my SK (Right Angle).

I further promise and affirm that I will support and assist the needy and needy mm:e (Master Masons) when they report their shortcomings to me, if they deserve help and I can give it without causing harm to myself or my family.

I further promise and affirm that I will keep the secrets confided to me by my good m-brother (mason brother) and will close them in my breast as faithfully as he kept them in his before he revealed them to me.

I further promise and affirm that I will not use the extreme h-v of the mm (master masonry) except in the true sense of the word, except when opening and closing the Lodge, during the a-work (altar work), and when teaching the brethren, and if I see anyone give it or hear the words that follow it, I will r-n immediately v-n to a.

I further promise and affirm that I will never give the sss (password) of the vks (conviction) of the mm (master mason) to another in any other way than the way I receive it myself, namely, with the v t (conveyed) of the brotherhood, and even then with the k (whispered).

I further promise and affirm that I will never knowingly or unconditionally harm or defraud mmL (master masonry lodge) or any of its members to the slightest degree, nor will I allow another to do so if I can help it.

I further promise and affirm that I will not disgrace or in any way insult the chastity of the wife, widow, mother, sister or daughter of the MM (Master Mason), nor will I permit another to do so if I can help it.

I further promise and affirm that I will never contribute to the admission from old age of a madman, a minor, a blasphemer, a libertine, a lunatic, a eunuch, nor of a woman as a Mason.

I further promise and affirm that I will not willfully by my presence take part in or in any way contribute to any false Masonic a-work (altar work) or expenditure, nor enter into a Masonic relationship with a false Mason, nor with one who has been totally or temporarily separated from his lodge or fraternity.

All this I solemnly and sincerely promise and affirm, without hesitation, and without any secret conditions or pretences of mind, and if I break this affirmation wilfully or knowingly, let my body be cut in two, let my entrails be burnt to ashes, which the storms of heaven shall scatter into the four winds, that there may not be the least trace or remembrance of a miserable whale like me among the good masons. May the Creator help and guide me steadfastly to fulfil my assurance.”

33° Freemasons

It is natural that secret societies under the leadership of Baal-worshipping leadership have the same religious orientation as the leaders. But it is only at the highest levels that Freemasons learn their true nature, as originally planned by Adam Weishaupt.

Juhani Julin was a Freemason for 16 years. He reported the activity and a few weeks after the interview he was found dead at his cottage under the cabin. Let him tell his own story.

Skull and Bones – University secret society

[6]Skull and Bones is a secret society based at Yale University in the United States. Each year, 15 new members are invited to join the secret society from among Yale students. Skull and Bones has included some very [7]notable people: for example, US Presidents William Howard Taft, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush have been members.

The Skull and Bones logo, of course, features the skull and bones.

Head, legs and arms

The logo is quite interesting. In the previous article, we went through the story of Jezebel, Queen of Israel. Jezebel appears in the First and Second Books of Kings in the Bible.

Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who married King Ahab. In the Old Testament, she is accused of turning Ahab away from the true God and leading him to worship her own god, Baal.Baal’s worship includes the sacrifice of young children. For this reason, both Jews and Christians hated him. Eventually, Jezebel was killed

Only the skull, feet and hands were found in Jezebel. The skull and bones logo is a clear reference to the story of Jezebel. The logo features a skull and two femurs, or legs. However, the femurs have been modified so that the ends of the bones below have four projections, just like the fingers, anatomically the femur has two projections. In addition, one ”hand” is open and the other is a knuckle.

The logo features a skull, legs and arms. Just like the story of Jezebel. It fits well, as Jezebel is an important part of the Illuminati’s history and religion.

322 refers to plutocracy

The logo also includes the number 322, which is thought to refer to the year of the death of the Greek orator Demosthenes (322 BC), a turning point in the transformation of ancient Athens from democracy to plutocracy. In plutocracy, the ruling classes or rich classes have power. It fits perfectly with the Illuminati’s extreme [10]marxism-leninism-one-world-government goal.

Has anyone opposed the Illuminati?

The JFK publicly opposed the infiltration of secret societies into the power structures. His tenure did not last very long after that.

Also Donald Trump spoke openly about the Deep State, or states within states. For some reason nothing happened to him. Donald Trump has a Jesuit college background.

Social clubs are involved in every aspect of society

Masons, university secret societies and secret societies operating under churches such as the Knights of Malta have infiltrated every structure of society around the world.

In the context of the Corona pandemic, this means that many professors and doctors are bound by the oath of secrecy. If a drug is banned for its treatment, the order quickly reaches the entire secret society of medical profession. But are the government leaders in the Masons?


The top state leadership is not found in the list of Finnish Freemasons. [12]Revealing Symbols – PART 6 – SUPO This article is about the infamous P2 lodge. P2 is called a ”state within a state” or a ”shadow government”. It means the same as the Deep State, which Donald Trump spoke openly about. Can you find a state leadership on this list? We should get hold of that list.

Public secret societies

The most public secret society is the World Economic Forum. Its leader is [13]Klaus Schwab and he has become known in previous installments for his supposed family connection to the Rothschild dynasty. He is a former member of the steering group of the highly influential Bilderberg Group.

The Bilderberg Group is an annual closed meeting to which influential guests from different fields are invited, sometimes in rotation. The most famous participant has been businessman David Rockefeller.

WEF is in every cabinet in the world

The World Economic Forum, or WEF, is an organization that includes a very large number of government leaders. Finland’s WEF alumni include Niinistö, Katainen, Stubb and many others. The current board includes [14]Sanna Marin and [14]Annika Saarikko.

Talented WEF members can be found at

WEF targets

Klaus Schwab has written a book on his objectives. The book is called The Great Reset and is about the fourth industrial revolution, the resetting of the economy and a society in which the common man owns nothing. Moreover, all power belongs to a single world government. The organisation promotes the extreme [10]Marxism-Leninism.

Documents guiding the Glass Clubs

Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in 1776 and wrote a protocol that gives the Illuminati a clear goal and protocols for achieving it. The document contains 293 different points. Let’s see how they came about and what they contain.

This video is important! Remember, the protocols were written hundreds of years ago. Compare them to today when the protocols are listed.

The aims of Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset fit well with the centuries-old goal behind the secret societies. Klaus Schwab’s public secret society has Agenda Contributors with membership packages of up to €500,000 in almost every European government. The symbolism in the pictures is obvious. [14]The Council of State’s office denies that Marin attended YGL meetings.

Purpose of the Glass Clubs

The purpose of the banking dynasty that founded the Glass Clubs is now clear. If you look at recent history, protocols have been put into practice with determination. It is written in the protocols that when the goal is all achieved, the secret societies will be banned under penalty of death. The protocols also state that those who know too much will be eliminated.

I have the power – yes, for a while

They are currently the ones who think they are in power, either through public or secret cabals. Have you noticed that leaders have risen to power very quickly and in the most extraordinary ways around the world.

Finnish Freemasons

In 2016, Hymy magazine published a list of Finnish Freemasons. Now it’s time for another publication. A frame of reference has now been given to the secret societies and now you know their ultimate purpose. Their purpose is to build a single supercommunist world government that controls everything, and everyone. After that, secret societies will be banned completely and members who know their principles will be destroyed.

Here is the list of Finnish Freemasons 2017. It also includes the names of the leaders of the Grand Lodges of the world. The database contains a total of 7510 Finnish Freemasons.

Do your own research on local maneuvers. If there have been large, obscure building projects etc. in your locality, check with the people responsible for them. A list will help you quickly find out about local good deeds.

If you have the know-how, the list is also in json format. Use it to create a database on a public web server and make it searchable so that anyone can quickly check the background of goodwill activities.

The time will soon come when secret societies and their members will no longer exist. They are building a world government right now. The Illuminati will eliminate the members of the secret societies when they have achieved their goal. This is written into the protocols governing the organisation.


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