Revealing symbols – PART 7 – Jezebel – I don’t know how you got into my blood

The Revealing Symbols series part 5 tells the story of the Khazarian Ashkenazi Mafia. They worshipped the god Baal and sacrificed children in their rituals. Because of their brutal religion, they were forced to choose Christianity, Islam, or Judaism, otherwise, they would have been killed for worshipping Satan. They ostensibly chose Judaism but swore revenge on everyone else. Earlier sections have also told of the banking dynasty and celebrity Satanism of the Ashkenazi Rothschild family.


Jezebel was a queen of Israel whose story is found in the [1]First and [2]Second Book of Kings in the Bible. Jezebel is related to [3]the history of the Khazar Ashkenazi Mafia and so I will open up a bit about the history of Jezebel as well.

Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who married King Ahab. In the Old Testament, she is accused of turning Ahab away from the true God and leading him to worship her own god, Baal. The god Baal has become familiar with earlier parts of the revealing symbols.

Baal worship includes the sacrifice of young children. For both this and other reasons, he was detested by Jews and Christians. The queen was also accused of bringing a tyrannical form of government to Israel. It is also believed that she and Ahab tried to start a revolution in Israel. She was accused of killing the prophets of the Lord, and the prophet Elijah accused her of atrocities.

Death of Jezebel

[3]”Then Jehu came to Israel. When Jezebel heard it, she painted her eyelids with skin paint, adorned her head, and looked out of the window. 31
And Jehu came in through the gate, and Jezebel said, ”Is it well with Zimri, the murderer of his lord?” 32He turned his face toward the window and said: ”Who is on my side? Who?” And two or three of the lords of the court looked down on him. 33Jeehu said: ”Throw him down.” And they threw him down, so that his blood dashed against the wall and the horses, and they trampled him underfoot. 34
Then Jehu went in and ate and drank. And he said: ”Replace the cursed one and bury her, for she is the king’s daughter.” 35 But when they went to bury her, they found nothing of her except her skull, her feet, and her hands.” Translation from the Finnish Bible

Jezebel was well hated, as the Bible verses would suggest.

Migration to Europe and the rest of the world

When the practitioners of this faith migrated to Turkey and from there to Khazaria (present-day Ukraine), they were faced with [4]a forced choice. No one tolerated their worship rituals, where little babies were sacrificed to Satan.

Finally, they were forced to choose between Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. They ostensibly chose Judaism, but it was only ostensible. They made a sacred promise to kill all Gentiles (of other religions) either by war, famine, or poison.


[6]Ukraine has the most Ashkenazi blood in the world. Ashkenazi Jews make up about 50% of a sample of 130,000 people in a DNA study carried out by the MyHeritage website. Ukraine has a low vaccination rate, with only about 36% of people have received the mRNA vaccine.

The Khazar Ashkenazi have continued and intensified their religious practice throughout history, hiding behind Judaism and spreading throughout Europe via Poland. Now the Ashkenazi Jewish families are at the top of the banking world and also closely involved with [5]the COVID-19 pandemic. They also own virtually all of the world’s media.

[5]The Rothschild family tree is the hardcore of the pandemic and has been explained in the previous Revealing Symbols part. It features a drug company (MERCK), a developer of mRNA technology (Heiko von der Leyen), a vaccine buyer (Ursula von der Leyen), and a syndicate (WEF/Klaus Schwab) that has infiltrated world governments with its own agenda promoters.

We have PM Sanna Marin, President Sauli Niinistö, Ministry of Finance Annika Saarikko, and many others who are the promoters of the agenda of the Kazaar-Askenazi mafia. The memory of Jezebel lives strong in almost every European country.

Rothschild Ball

In 1972, Marie-Hélène de Rothschild organised the famous surrealist ball in Ferrières. She belonged to the very wealthy Rothschild banking family. Few people got on the guest list, but if they did, she had the approval of the Parisian elite.

The evening´s requirements were ”black tie, long dresses and surrealist heads”, nothing more and nothing less. In keeping with the theme, the invitation was written backward – it could be read by looking at its mirror image. The ball was a satanic celebration and in satanic worship, things are upside down including the pentagram, and an upside-down cross.

When money is no barrier, only imagination is the limit. Marie-Hélène’s imagination was very rich. The château where the party was held was lit with floodlights to create the illusion that the building was on fire. The staircase was filled with servants and footmen dressed as cats – all in various dream poses.

Photos from the party can be found in the photo gallery. Baal worship rituals include sacrifices of babies, dolls of mutilated babies, and doll figures lying on the dining table are in the pictures. Of course, pictures of genuine ritual situations, if any, are not leaked to the public.

There are only about 8,000 elites

There are only about 8,000 people in the world of elite, according to some estimates, and of course, they are not allowed to grow too large. This elite owns almost the entire world. Their power is unlimited. And they have a historic promise. It’s not a nice combination.

Desmond Child

Desmond Child (born John Charles Barrett, 28 October 1953) is an American musician, songwriter, and producer. He founded the band Desmond Child & Rouge in 1975. Desmond Child has gained greater popularity as a songwriter and has co-written [7] several hit songs.

[8]John Charles Barrett (Desmond Child) is Jewish and is in a relationship with a man. They have had children through surrogacy. Desmond Child is a bearded guy.

The Rasmus – Jezebel

This year’s Finnish Eurovision song is Jezebel by The Rasmus. It’s a great song and without the war in Ukraine, I would even bet it as the winner. Presumably, 50% of the Ukrainian people will be singing it with tears in their eyes. After all, Jezebel was once their queen who was brutally murdered. The song is very topical because of the war in Ukraine and it could even win despite the war.

Who else has contributed to the piece?

The lyrics can be found online and all lyricists are listed. The lyricists are listed as [9]Desmond Child / Lauri Ylonen. The lyrics of the song were influenced by Desmond Child. Desmond Child is Jewish, and presumably a Khazar Ashkenazi, as he has written a song of praise to Queen Jezebel. The song will not get any votes from Israel.


We’ve taken a quick look at the history of Jezebel. The Rothschild Satanic Ball. Desmond Child’s background. Now we can watch the Jezebel music video. It’s undeniably gorgeous.


Great video! – Great composition! – Lyrics?

The ”ritual” in the video is a copy of Rothschild’s Satanic ball with masks and cat attendants.

When I first heard the lyrics to the song, I didn’t know the history of Jezebel, nor did I understand the words. I subconsciously connected them to Jezebel being infected with HIV, because Lauri sings ”Jezebel – I don’t know how you got into my blood” and HIV is the first thing that comes to mind. What other foreign thing could end up in your blood after a night together?

Paying attention to the words, I was completely confused. Eurovision is a celebration of L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual) people. HIV in the blood is not at all a good choice of lyrics for that target group. Let’s look at the lyrics some more.

Midnight, it’s time to put your face on.” That mask is on the wall in the video and it’s the Plague doctor mask. Which used to be worn by doctors in a pandemic. Midnight is the time for Satan worshippers.

”I’m just the first shot on your hit list” ”Shot” is also used in the context of vaccination.

”Woke up with bruises on my body” At the start of the COVID- 19 vaccinations, especially round two, the elderly woke up with huge bruises. This was because in parts of the body the blood vessels became blocked, platelets built up in the blockages and other circulating blood became too runny due to low platelets. Too little blood caused bruising, and sometimes even death.

”Jezebel I don’t know how you got in my blood” No comment.

Your final kiss is to leave a scar on a heart” A heart kiss always leaves a scar on a heart. The [11]prevalence of myocarditis increases with vaccine cycles. It’s a fact finally admitted by the THL. How many is that last kiss?

Sum of coincidences

I tried to reach out to Lauri and people who know Lauri before publishing this article. I have not received a reply, I feel it necessary to bring these coincidences to your attention even though I could not verify the genesis of the piece. When you put the video and the song in a historical context it is extremely skillfully executed.


Jezebel has already caused a SOMEhussle once. The message then went out that [12]Jezebel was a racist expression in the Victorian era about black women and so Lauri Ylönen is a racist. Someone had lost sleep over the issue. Presumably, the fuss about it was just a red herring to cover up the real history.

The Jezebel of this song is 100% certain to be the historical queen of the Khazar Ashkenazi Jews, killed by a Christian man.

Situation in Ukraine

I hope this analysis of the Eurovision video brought you something new. It opens up the history of Ukraine. It also opens up the fact that 50% of the Ukrainian population are Cossack Jews by heritage and Ukraine is the historical homeland of the Cossack-Asenazi mafia. [14]During the Holomodor 3-14 million were killed by starvation. Now a similar operation is going on and the entire Finnish leadership is 100% involved. Putin attacked, but since the cossack mafia owns the madrassas, we will presumably never really know the whole truth.

Elon Musk bought Twitter and said freedom of speech would increase and impose hefty user fees on state actors. Now big business is being touted to pressure Musk to abandon the idea. The media say [13] that free speech is a threat to democracy. Think about it! We’ve come a long way in case free speech is a threat to democracy.

The Rasmus

Lauri is a wonderful composer. The Rasmus is a great band. Jezebel is a great song, but is Jezebel a song of praise to the cabal and Satan? Unfortunately, that’s what it looks like. A coincidence is not very likely if you know the background of the lyricist. If you have any doubts, check all the source links.

At the end of the video, there’s just an empty bed. Lauri was freed from the shackles of Jezebel. So will you, if you want to.

Share this if it opened up something new for you. I recommend reading the whole ”Revealing Symbols” series. After reading it you will understand what is happening right now, everything is so obvious. Let’s take care of each other because we need each other more than ever.

The Revealing Symbols series will be translated into English in the coming weeks!


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