Revealing symbols – PART 5 – Ritual

This article contains some deep and dark, but also very enlightening things. If you have not yet read all the articles in the series, please do so first. Do not proceed until you have read parts 1,2,3 and 4. WARNING: This article contains documentation that may be deeply upsetting. Things happen in this world that cannot be compared to even the worst horror movies. After reading all parts you will understand that what I am about to present is 100% true. We unknowingly fund and worship this diabolical cult.


[1]A cult refers to a religious group whose beliefs and worship practices are considered deviant by society. Earlier sections have referred to the families at the top of the pyramid who rule the world. They worship Baphomet, or Satan. Outwardly they are Jewish and have ’hidden’ under the shelter of the Star of David. They are therefore staunch anti-Semites.

5 Oct. 2021

IMPORTANT: In the future, it should be understood that Jews have two different [2] holy books, the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud. [3]Jews thus also have two different main lines.

MORE GENERAL: Again, neither of the two main lines can be generalized. There are different blocks within the divisions, just as there are within Christianity. So what I am about to write must be kept TOTALLY DIFFERENT from generalizing to all Jews. You need to understand this fully if you continue reading.


[4]The Khazars were a pastoral people who ruled large parts of Ukraine, southern Russia, the Caucasus and Kazakhstan in the 700s and 900s.Judaism became the formal religion of the Khazar elite at the turn of the 700s and 800s.

Origin of the islands

[5]”The Cambridge Document” is a text found in an Egyptian synagogue. Scholars have described the letters’ accounts of the Khazars’ conversion to Judaism as formal in nature.

What is the original religion of the Khazars? Watch the video below. It is an excerpt from the documentary series ”SEQUEL TO FALL OF THE CABAL”. You’ll also find out why the Cossack Ashkenazi cult masquerading as Jews during World War II killed other Jews.

FALL OF CABAL – Documentary Series

The Khazars have also vowed historic revenge against Russia. The subject is timely in itself, given the war that has broken out in Ukraine. On 21 February 2022, Vladimir Putin gave a television speech on Ukraine, which lasted almost an hour and also referred to historical events. You can watch the Finnish translated version of the speech here. It’s worth watching if only because Putin explains to his people the reasons for the war from Russia’s point of view.

Ukrainian Coat of Arms – Seal of the Cossacks

The Ashkenazi cult of Kasari worships Baal, Baphomet, Lucifer or Satan

The Ashkenazi originated in Babylon and practiced a religion with rituals involving child sacrifice and cannibalism. [7]Ted Pike’s 1987 documentary ”The Other Israel” sheds light on the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud. He went to the library of the Israel Synagogue to read the original writings. The video also includes references to the history of the Qassar Ashkenazi.

See the full document: The Other Israel – Ted Pike

The purpose of the sacred book of the Ashkenazi Ashkenazi, the Babylonian Talmud, is clear. [26]Gentiles (pagans/other religions) must be destroyed and there is nothing wrong with pedophilia.

The Satanic cult rules the world

I have written in previous sections about the top of the pyramid. The Rothschild banking family, a very big influence in the banking world, is a coterie of Ashkenazi Jews.

In the article ”Revealing Symbols – PART 4 – The Trinity”, the [10]Rothschild family and central bank celebrity satanism and how bank executives are dragged into the darkest cult rituals is scratched out in a cursory manner.

If a person participates in a ritual, he has no way to fight the cult. Presumably all events are videoed.

The Epstein case

Epstein’s paedophile saga is presumably also very strongly linked to these ”engagements” of policy makers. The case is not yet closed and hopefully all the secrets of that island will be revealed. For now, however, those involved are dying in cells while the guards are out.

Media mogul Robert Maxwell s daughter [28]Ghislaine Maxwell was diagnosed with 29. December 2021 guilty of several sex crimes in connection with the Epstein Island incident, including the trafficking of a minor for sexual exploitation. Hopefully she won’t die in a cell before she has time to come clean.

Revealing Symbols – PART 3 – Occultism in an article about symbolism. The hypercube that came up there symbolizes a permanent internal prison and a permanent bondage from which there is no escape. Take a look at the interior of the building on Epstein’s Island.

How many heads of state or policy makers have been inside a hypercube? The list is long and Ghislaine Maxwell has a SE list.

The treasured Jewish family

Surprisingly, [11]The Epstein family is a wealthy Jewish family with banking activities throughout Europe and the family was also involved in Masonic activities. The Epstein family also has a connection to the Rothschild family. Mieczysław Epstein (1833-1914) married a member of the Rothschild family.

Masonic and other secret societies are discussed further in the next section entitled ”Revealing Symbols – PART 6 – Messengers of Evil”. In it you will learn how to identify Freemasons and other knights by their symbolism. They all knowingly or unknowingly worship Satan and pose proudly in portraits with their Masonic gestures! There are about 8 000 of them in Finland and they are the main decision makers. Right at the top of government.


The Ashkenazim of Kasari worship Satan and rituals include sacrificial offerings of human beings, including children. Sounds completely incomprehensible! But have you ever wondered how many children disappear in a year?

Over a million children go missing every year

In Europe alone [12]18,000 children went missing between 2018 and 2020. [13]Globally, more than a million children disappear every year! Where do they disappear to?

One million children is a very large number. At the end of 2020, there were 1 467 653 families in Finland. Do you understand? One million children is an absolutely huge number!

Eyes of evil

Polishman Patryk Vega has made the documentary [14]”EYES OF THE DEVIL” about child factories and child trafficking in Poland and Ukraine. Below is an excerpt from the documentary, in which a child broker tells of obscenely rich clients who come in by plane and helicopter, with their own team of doctors, to sell the organs of slain children. Warning: contains graphic material.



[16] Adrenochrome is a genuine natural product, it is an oxidation product of adrenaline. It is obtained from a child under the age of 12 when the child is experiencing a state of extreme pain and distress.

Metzitzah B’peh

[17]Metzitzah B’peh is a ritual in the Jewish tradition of circumcision. It involves cutting the foreskin of a boy child without anaesthetics and the rabbi sucking and swallowing adrenochrome-rich blood from the boy child’s penis. Adrenochrome is a hallucinogenic substance and apparently has a role in religious rituals.


In the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Johnny Depp), one tastes adenochrome and it induces a kind of disoriented state even in outsiders.

Adrenochrome medical targets

Adenochrome is reported to be used medicinally to reduce capillary bleeding. [18]No drug containing adrenochrome can be found in Pharmaca Fennica (Finnish Medicines Database).

[27]Nothing with the name adrenochrome can be found in the Drugbank, which contains more than 500,000 drugs. The closest is carbazochrome, which, however, does not correspond exactly in chemical formula to adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is not used in drugs according to drugbank. Its synthetic equivalent is carbazochrome, which is found in some pharmaceuticals.

Why is this information interesting? I could not find any drug containing true adrenochrome. However, it is sold online. For what purpose?

Surprisingly, the seller is MERCK, an insider in the Ashkenazi mafia. This family/pharmaceutical company became familiar from the family scandal in the previous [10]part of the article series. The price of adrenochrome is about €4 million/kilo. Adrenochrome is therefore prohibitively expensive. Note from the chemical formula that this is not carbazochrome. This is genuine adrenochrome derived from a child under the age of 12

Hollywood’s elite, power families and paedophilia

Catholic Church

As you will recall from previous writings, the Catholic Church is funded by a cassowary Ashkenazi cult. [19]The Catholic Church has also been implicated in massive pedophilia scandals involving hundreds of thousands of children in France alone. Pedophile activity is thus fully organised and the inner circle knows it.

Knights of Malta and the Jesuits

The Catholic Church’s historical involvement with the Satanic cult will be opened up in the next section, which will also cover the ”Knights of Malta” secret society and the Jesuits, who are linked to the dark activities of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has a centuries-old agreement with the Cossack Ashkenazi cult. In the video below, the Jesuits take an oath. It is very similar to the Babylonian Talmud.

FALL OF CABAL – Documentary Series

Norwegian and Finnish pedorings – action is everywhere

[21]Norway uncovered big pedophile ring in 2019, Norwegian ring had links to international circles.

[20]A person was sentenced to prison in Finland in 2020 for running an international paedophile ring. According to the court, the man not only possessed and distributed child abuse material, but also tried to lure and guide others deeper into it. His conversations with various people also involved the actual abuse of children and satanic worship.

[23] In 2020, Dutch police made a strange discovery in a drug case. A storage container had been converted into a soundproof torture chamber. In total, police arrested six people suspected of kidnapping and taking hostages.

Recognise the symbols

Wikileaks published a [22]FBI document with symbols used by pedophiles. You should memorise the symbol and if you see one, keep your distance and report it to the police if necessary.



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