Pfizer has invented a new drug for COVID-19. But: the same substance was registered in the drug databases already in 2009!

The drug will be called Paxlovid and has performed very well in clinical trials in humans. In this article, we will go deeper into the history of this molecule.

Firstly, has there been an oral medicine for COVID-19 that works?

Yes, and it was well known by all the agencies like WHO, CDC, FDA, NIH. There are articles written about it and you can find links to the articles at the bottom of the page. The drug is called ivermectin. This drug has been tried to blacken with a massive worldwide campaign.

Intia ja Indonesia ovat lääkinneet sillä kansalaisiaan ja tulokset ovat erittäin hyvät. Intian India and Indonesia have treated their citizens with ivermectin and the results are very good. Uttar Pradesh, India (240 million inhabitants). It was the first Indian state to start systematic use of ivermectin. In these states, home packs containing vitamins and ivermectin are distributed and coronaviruses have practically disappeared.

Update 18.1.2022

India has launched a massive new vaccination campaign in December 2021. It did not reach WHO vaccination target. Since the vaccination campaign, infections have skyrocketed.

Case of Peru

Systematic use of ivermectin was also started in Peru, with a 14-fold decrease in cases. The trend was sharply downwards after the start of the campaign. The image below is from the US National Library of Medicine database. A link to the study is below the image.

Then there were presidential elections and, as is the case today, they were very close and the counting of votes went on for a long time.

The winner was finally declared Pedro Castillo. For some reason, Pedro Castillo immediately suspended the ivermectin campaign and infections went on an immediate upswing. Infections quickly increased 13-fold.

Pedro Castillo will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2022 and will be an Agenda Contributor, like Sanna Marin, Annika Saariko, Ursula Von Ber Leyen, Emmanuel Macron and many other heads of country.

So there has been a good drug, ivermectin, all along, but for some reason it is not allowed to be used.

Note: Pure ivermectin is available directly from factories at $50-100/kg. A kilo makes about 83 000 12mg doses. Such doses (12mg x 5) are used for prevention in countries where the corona has virtually disappeared. If all people in Finland were to be treated by the state with ivermectin, the raw material would cost a few thousand euros!

There has been a cure that works, but a new one has to be created!

Pfizer’s new drug is called Paxlovid. I have followed from the beginning how Pfizer has redeveloped a substance that was registered in 2009. It has the same mechanism of action (protease 3CLPro inhibitor ) as ivermectin.

You could call it rich man’s ivermectin because rumor has it that one session is priced according to the income level of the country, so in the West, it’s worth a lot. In itself, it is good that a drug is coming on the market that doctors can prescribe without fear of losing their licenses.

Sitä voisi sanoa rikkaan miehen ivermektiiniksi, koska huhujen mukaan yksi hoitokerta on hinnoiteltu maan tulotason mukaan eli länsimaissa se on arvokas. Sinänsä hyvä, että markkinoille tulee lääke, jota lääkärit saavat määrätä ilman pelkoa lupien menettämisestä.

Code name PF-07321332

The code name of this new drug was PF-07321332. A search of the Pubchem database for the substance PF-07321332 yields the result below. It gives the timestamps of the substance. This new drug has been added to the database already on 19.11.2009.

As we can see, the substance has already been registered on 19.11.2009. What changes has Pfizer made to it to make it a new substance? Let’s take a closer look at its structure. Below is the 2D molecular formula Unii-7R9A5P7H32 and now PF-07321332 the new i.e. version.

A new molecule. It doesn’t look at all like the previous 2009 version, a quick look at it.

Drug development

I have been following the development of the substance since the first news came out. I immediately checked the code name to see what kind of substance it was. When I compared it with existing substances, I found a match. The creation date of the corresponding substance was 19.11.2019. I tweeted about it in Finnish as follows.

Tweet in english

”The molecule registered in 2009 has been made into a racemic form (mirror) and will be patented for COVID treatment. A blog post on this saga will be written when I have time.”

The old and the new molecule look completely different

MolThe molecules now look different, how did I find two identical ones in September 2021?

Tein haun NCBI- tietokantaan ja löysin kaksi samaa molekyyliä. Nyt aikaleimat on muutettu (lyhyet nuolI searched the NCBI database and found two identical molecules. Now the timestamps have been changed (short arrows) fortunately Pubchem / service has missed / forgotten the original timestamps for Unii-7R9A5P7H32. Unii-7R9A5P7H32 has already been registered on 19.11.2009. For this reason I wrote a tweet on and mentioned that the wheel has been reinvented since 2009. Now it has been slightly tuned to get a patent for it.

Rotate the molecules to the same position to see their current differences. Click to start the video.

It already looks very similar. Some changes have been made. The substance was already invented in 2009 and cannot be patented as new unless some changes are made. However, the roughening of one of the compounds, for example, or the mirror image, does not change the effect of the drug in any decisive way. It is now an expensive new drug. A rich man’s ivermectin.

Who supplies the raw material to Pfizer?

Only one supplier synthesizes and supplies the substance. It is the Chinese company Excenen Pharmatech. It has also produced the earlier WHO-recommended covid drug, which sold for tens of billions but had no efficacy at all. It’s called Remdesivir.

Merck’s (MSD) molnupyruvir is also a new drug awaiting marketing authorisation for corona. Its code name is EIDD-2801. Guess what? Excene’s Pharmatech also has the capability to supply this substance, code-named EIDD-2801.

Protease 3CLPRO inhibitor is the solution to the SARS-CoV-2 problem?

The syndicate that has led this pandemic has PREVENTED the use of the protease 3CLPro inhibitor. Ivermectin is a protease 3CLPro inhibitor!

The same syndicate now presents a ”new drug” protease 3CLPro inhibitor with INCREDIBLY GOOD RESULTS! The pinnacle of badassness!

Ivermectin researchers have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015. It has been used in billions of doses worldwide. Within a very short time, the entire drug was invalidated and was certainly not to be used as a covid. Not anywhere in the world!

Onneksi on maita, kuten Intia ja Indonesia, joissa päättäjät ajattelevat kansalaisiaan. Case Peru näytti selkeästi, mistä maailmaa johdetaan ja kenen agendaa ajetaan.

The Finnish government currently has two World Economic Forum Agenda Contributors (Sanna Marin, Annika Saarikko), who have not worked in Finland’s interests throughout the interest rate pandemic but have done everything according to the script drawn up in Davos.

Why is ivermectin not used in Finland

In Finland, the Ivermectin has been vilified in the same way as elsewhere in the world. Even Pharmacist magazine did an article mentioning that the prescription of the drug is being closely monitored.

I called the Chief Pharmacist of Fimea (Finnish FDA), who appeared in Pharmacist magazine, and he referred me to the Chief Medical Officer of Fimea, who was aware of the use of ivermectin in India and also of its good results. After a deep sigh, he said that Finland was complying with WHO and EMA regulations.


I enquired about off-label prescribing of ivermectin because I was worried about colleagues who were receiving covid jabs every three weeks right from the start of the year. According to the Chief Medical Officer of the THL, off-label prescribing is allowed in Finland, but Valvira will monitor and take action if it deems it necessary. Off-label means prescribing a medicine for a different purpose than it was originally intended.

Information went to the highest level in the hospital

I showed the head of the department the data and results of the ivermectin use and he told me to contact his supervisor, which I did. I presented the results to his supervisor and he took the matter to the infectious disease physician in the area.

The end result was that no one received ivermectin. I had to go to the chairman for being anti-vaccine. I was forbidden to say anything about ivermectin at work because it can discourage vaccination. The head of the ward and block took the matter further, but then it all came to a standstill. So the order came from even higher up.

I wrote the whole story of ivermectin in my resignation letter, so that my attempt to push a working drug, at least into a trial, in one hospital, even in one ward, would go down in the official history books, and there it is. I have resigned from my post on 30 October 2021.

Main reason for resignation: total distrust of the top management of the health service.


The WHO, EMA, CDC, THL, Fimea and all other western agencies have been aware of the effectiveness of the protease 3CLPro inhibitor in covid and have deliberately prevented its use or blindly believed what the higher agency tells them.

Now the same people say that the protease 3CLPro inhibitor is very effective against covid! It is! India, Indonesia, and especially Peru have shown it.

How many people have died when genetic engineering causing serious adverse effects has been pushed into people’s subconscious and flesh by the world’s media? At the same time, a deliberately effective drug has been hidden away. But now, WAKE UP!


Monta artikkelia asiasta on kirjoitettu Suomeksi ja ne tullaan kääntämän myös englanniksi. J

Many articles have been written in Finnish and will be translated into English. To give you an overview of hiding the whole working medicine. And about how drug trials were carried out with the wrong doses of the wrong medicine at the wrong time. Nothing is as it has been suggested. Now you can, and should, be angry! But now, WAKE UP!

Put the injectionjab on the monitor. Success articles in Finnish will be translated into English for your use. Stay tuned!


Pedro Castillo finally declared winner of Peru’s presidential election

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