The Black Sun Rises

This is the final part of the ”Revealing Symbols” series. The article series started with a simple question: WHY? I saw what happened inside the hospital during the spring of 2021. At the same time, I saw how no one noticed or noticed what was happening. The entire work community was transfixed. The fatal injection had arrived and you couldn’t even think of anything negative about it. When patients with peculiar symptoms came flooding through the doors and windows, it was just a coincidence and had nothing to do with anything. I saw a lot more deaths than before and the timing was when the second round of injections started. Why?

If you haven’t read the earlier parts of the article series please do it first. You cannot fully understand this article without reading the earlier parts.

A persecuted, influential cult

In the previous sections, it has become clear what this cult is. In short, it is a very old religion that worships a god called Baal, and the cult’s religious rituals use human sacrifices, mainly small babies. Baal, Moloch, Lucifer or Satan is the object of worship in this cult.

In this article we will call the cult ”cabal”. They once lived in a region called Khazaria, the main place of residence in Khazaria was the present-day Ukrainian region.

The neighbouring countries hated them. The Khazars were highwaymen who raided the Silk Road through Khazar and the merchants who travelled along it. Neighbouring countries also hated sacrificial rituals where they threw babies into flames, cut them open, drank their blood and ate their flesh, claiming it gave them incredible strength and eternal youth.

Note on sacrificial rituals

The Russian ruler knew something had to be done. In 600 AD, he warned the Cossack [1]Bulan king that their Luciferian practices must stop. They must convert to either Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Bulan chose Judaism. Though he merely took elements of Judaism and forced them into his own Luciferian religion.

King Bulan and his people prospered in Khazaria. What changed was only that they could be called Jews. They continued to practice their own religion and sacrifices.

They went too far

Centuries passed and in 965 AD the Russian ruler Grand Duke [2]Sviatoslav I thought they had gone too far with their constant devilry and child sacrifice. He decided to exterminate them, but the Khazars had spies infiltrating the regime and found out about the plan.

The news reached the ears of the Khazarian king, who fled the country with 25 wives, 60 concubines and a noble family, as well as vast treasures of gold and silver. The convoy passed through Hungary to Poland and through Germany to France, Spain and Portugal. To avoid revealing their true identity, they called themselves Ashkenazi Jews.

Portuguese and Spanish Marranos

They had been living in Portugal and Spain for about 300 years when their satanic practices reached a climax. They were called [5]marranos (marranism), which comes from the Arabic word مُحَرّمٌ (muḥarram), meaning pig.

In the 13th century, anti-Semitic laws were passed in Spain and they began to be murdered with the blessing of the state. The rape was splashed and all Jews were lumped into the same caste, not just the Khazars. The persecution came to a head in the 1391 [3]pogrom, in which thousands of Jews were killed and even more forcibly converted.

In 1492, Spain was united under a strong Christian ruling couple, [4]Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. The Jews were forced to emigrate or convert to Christianity.

Christianity, expulsion or death

This time the Khazars were forced to convert to Christianity or go into exile. History has repeated itself many times over the centuries, and presumably the Cossacks’ hatred and thirst for revenge has grown with each purge.

Throughout history, Khazarian Jews have lived in their own districts and ghettos. The reason is obvious; the practice of the Luciferian religion and child sacrifice.

Queen Isabella expelled the Jews from Spain in 1492 by decree, which was not officially annulled until 1968. It was only in 2014 that Spain decided that descendants of expelled Jews could obtain [6]Spanish citizenship.

I asked my Spanish acquaintance if he knew what marraano meant. He immediately replied, ”If you tell someone you are not a marraano, it means a pig or a dirty person.” So the word marraano has been passed down in Spanish folklore to this day.

World War II

Everyone remembers the Jewish upheaval of the Second World War. Even then, the Jews were treated as one group and the perpetrator was [27]Adolf Hitler.


In Finnish folklore, the word ”siansaksaa” is used if someone speaks unclearly: ”Don’t speak siansaksaa”. In English the word ”siansaksa” means sian=pig saksa=german, germanpig. It has its origins in a language called [7]jiddish. It is a language spoken by Ashkenazi Jews in Central and Eastern Europe, based on medieval German. In other words, ”siansaksa” is German Marrano . Thus, in Finland, too, there are influences from [8]marranism in folklore that have come down to the present day, although people don’t know where the word originated.

Cabal is a consortium

Previous Revealing Symbols installments have explored the history of the highly influential Rothschild banking family. In 1776, the world’s most powerful banker family, the Khazarian Ashkenazi family, the Jesuits, the Catholic Church and the world’s most influential secret societies were virtually united.

The henchmen of a very powerful and vengeful cabal have infiltrated Christian, jesuits Jewish and Catholic circles, everywhere. Earlier sections revealed that this cult owns central banks, the pharmaceutical industry, the media, mRNA technology, and is allied with the Vatican, the Catholic Church, the Jesuits and their subordinate secret societies, such as the Illuminati, the Knights of Malta, the Jesuit Order of Knights, and the Freemasons.

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum, a cabal-owned public secret society, has infiltrated every cabinet and government in the world. WEF syndicate founder Klaus Schwab is particularly proud of the younger generation, including Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. From Finland, Marin, Saarikko, Niinistö, Stubb, Katainen and Valtonen are among the promoters of the WEF agenda.

The World Economic Forum logo has the all-important 666 number hidden as a symbol for you, right in the middle (an arc pierced by the three letters O).

The aim of the WEF is extreme Marxism-Leninism combined with total control of the people, and the zeroing out of the economy. Klaus Schwab has published a book on his guidelines. The goal is that man owns nothing. In other words, extreme communism and the same kind of social scoring with digiID as China has now.

Cabal owns the banking system

Cabal’s trusted fixer, Dutchman Ronald Bernard, who spent 30 years in the financial world working for various clients, gave an interview to De Vrije Media journalist Irma Schiffers in March 2017. Watch the video and you will understand that their luciferian religion has not gone away. It lives on very strongly among us.

Watch the full video – How the Cabal takes over people

YLE documentary on Ukrainian baby factories

YLE has made a [9]document about Ukraine’s baby factories, published in 2021, which reveals that babies can be ordered from Ukraine and that the catalogue includes babies with 100% Ashkenazi DNA. Presumably they will go on to good families and an abundant life. For every baby sold, things don’t go so happily.

Polish filmmaker Patryk Vega has made the 2021 documentary ”EYES OF THE DEVIL”. It’s about babies whose lives don’t end in abundance. Some babies end up in elite rituals, arriving in jets and helicopters. These elite wizards use their rituals to send chills down to the bone and into the core.


Kabbalistic (Satanic) cabal

If you have read the earlier parts of this series of articles, it’s probably clear to you that the top banking organisations are controlled by a vengeful cabal. [10]BIS, or the Bank of International Settlements, which commands the Monetary Fund and the world’s central banks. The BIS, central banks, IMF, FED are controlled by the cabal and are independent joint stock companies.


All the major media outlets are controlled by the cabal and they have been using it for decades to achieve their goals. Since we are not aware of their religion and symbolism, they cultivate their symbolism in a very visible way, for example, and manifest future events in various events and shows. Let us take three different examples. Watch the videos, they are very interesting.

London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

If you analyse the presentation more closely, you will notice some very strange and disconnected things. Of course, you can make up for that by saying that it’s just a presentation.

Look at the disconnected images. Look at all the images in the image gallery and then watch the video again.

When you watch the video again, it doesn’t matter if you get chills when you see the wizard. So watch the London opening ceremony video again after you’ve watched all the pictures.

Only coincidence – you can’t know things in advance

In this case, things are not known in advance, they are planned in advance and the plans are presented in advance in various presentations. These are the spells, exorcisms and rituals that are included in their ”magic doctrine.” You have to understand that the cabal is an extremist religious sect. Similar to ISIS, but much richer and more influential. Its historic promise is to destroy other religions and subjugate the remaining people as its servants who own nothing. Are you aware of what will happen next winter? What will be the price of electricity and mortgage rates? The Cabal will totally determine them.

Black Bible

Have you heard talk about [11]The Black Bible? It was a book that my late mother said was never to be read under any circumstances. Just one reading could cause permanent insanity. The state media reported it that way, meaning it was not wanted for general distribution under any circumstances.

The Black Bible contains Kabbalah exorcisms and incantations, as well as Exodus 6-7, the esoteric magic of Moses. If you have read the earlier parts then you know that kabbalah is one of the doctrines of this cult and esoteric is the inner and secret doctrine.

The books of Leviticus 6-7 and the spells and seals they contain have been removed from the Bible and are only for the High Priests. [11]The Black Bible has been translated into English and is available in bookstores. It is basically a dangerous book, as it contains teachings and spells for angels and demons alike.

Madonna – 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

Madonna performed at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest before the pandemic began. Madonna has publicly stated that she lives by the [12]Kabbalah teachings and they do indeed seem to bring eternal youth. Madonna is now 63 years old. The really interesting performance starts after the song Like a Prayer. Let’s watch the show.

Was it a confusing performance? Below are screenshots from the show, they tell you even more.

This performance was before there was any knowledge of the corona pandemic, but the symbolism is blood-curdlingly chilling. Indeed, it seems that the stage is a Masonic temple and the performance is a spell of black magic. But perhaps it was just a coincidence? Could it be…

Eurovision 2022 – The Rasmus – Jezebel

In 2022, after mass vaccinations, The Rasmus performed a song called Jezebel at Eurovision. Let’s watch the music video.

I have written an article about the Queen of Jezebel. She is a historical figure of the Cabal who was eventually killed for her devilishness and child sacrifice. Before you continue read the ”Jezebel – I don’t know how you got into my blood” article by clicking on the link. It tells about the Queen of Jezebel and the lyrics of the song.

There are two unifying references in the Eurovision song

Two songs in the Eurovision Song Contest refer to the sun’s eclipse, its extinction or the end of its baking.

I’ve spent months studying the symbolism and spells of these and if the sun doesn’t shine or it goes out what does it become? It becomes BLACK SUN.

Why future things are shown in advance

Let Mark Passion, who spent 10 years as a [44]Church of Satan priest (now on the opposite side) explain their twisted belief system. It explains why they symbolically tell you what is going to happen.

Illuminati, Freemasons and other secret societies

In The flour gang – the prime minister’s best friends, almost the entire flour gang has pictures on social media posing on a checkered floor. They think it’s an honour. So do the Freemasons. Masonic rites/religion is a rewrite of the satanic Kabbalah religion. Those on the gridiron don’t know that, they are just greedy members of a mystical and supposedly sublime secret society.

Revealing Symbols – PART 3 – The Occult

It is a misconception that all Freemasons are university professors, judges. doctors, etc. are ”Satanists”. No, they are just greedy and already immoral people who want a lot of money from their new contacts by joining a mystical secret society. Below the 33rd degree (master masonry degree) they are unknowingly just humble slave labour for the cabal. A member of a cabalistic secret society carries out all orders from above under oath, without the slightest moral compunction, without question.

Black Sun

[13]The black sun (shvarts zun in Yiddish) is a type of sun wheel originally used in Nazi Germany and later by neo-Nazis. The symbol first appeared in Nazi Germany in SS leader Heinrich Himmler’s redesign and expansion of [15]Wewelsburg Castle, which he intended to make the centre of the SS. The black sun is a Nazi symbol that I think quite a few people know if you show it to them. Did you know what it was? It’s like this. The first of the pictures is the original. There are different versions, but all are black suns.

The IHS symbol for the Jesuits repeats the cults of the black sun and the moon Saturn as in Islam, ka’ba = moon, kabbalah. 

Where have you seen that symbol lately?

The symbol has appeared in the mainstream media many times recently. That’s because Ukraine’s state-run Azov forces have included it on their flag and uniforms. If you’ve seen Finnish soldiers on TV, they have a black sun on their uniforms with a sleeve badge on their shoulder. The first picture shows the black sun with arrows and the Ukrainian coat of arms, which is almost a direct copy of the Khazaria seal.

Image article about a Finnish soldier in Ukraine in 2015

Image magazine has conducted an interview with [16]a Finnish man fighting in Ukraine in 2015. The soldiers are volunteers, they were paid a monthly salary of 130 euros. What is clear is that they did not go there for the money. They went there in 2015 to kill separatists. They are Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine who oppose the rise of the Black Sun.

The newspaper asked ”What kind of missions have you been involved in?” (The Finnish fighter did not answer the question.)

Nazis and World War II

Further on, we go deeper into history, all the way to World War II and Nazi Germany.

This is important, so keep reading and relax. Next we’ll talk about Hitler’s right-or left-hand man, Adolf Heusinger. The third highest ranking Nazi German leader.

Adolf Heusinger was a German military officer who made his career in the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany and West Germany.

With the outbreak of the Second World War, the German Army High Command (OKH) put in place its wartime organisation. Heusinger was part of the Field Staff and assisted in planning invasion operations in Poland, Denmark, Norway, France and the Netherlands.

Hänet was promoted to colonel on 1 August 1940 and became Chief of Operations in October 1940, making him the third most important person in the army hierarchy after General Franz Halder and the Deputy Chief of General Staff, General Friedrich Paulus.

He was attending a meeting at Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair on 20 July 1944, and was standing next to Hitler when a bomb planted by Claus von Stauffenberg exploded. Heusinger was hospitalised for injuries sustained in the blast, but was later arrested and interrogated by the Gestapo to determine whether he was involved in the 20 July conspiracy.

He was allowed to survive, so it is obvious that Hitler had not the slightest doubt about his loyalty.


NATO’s main mission is to safeguard the common values of its members: democracy, respect for individual freedoms, the rule of law and the peaceful settlement of disputes. These objectives are achieved through solidarity between member countries. NATO ensures the security and freedom of its members politically and, ultimately, militarily.

Nato’s military committee was chaired by [18]Adolf Heusinger (1961-1964), one of Nazi Germany’s most senior officers.

Nato was chaired by a very senior Nazi German officer/officers. Now there are troops in Urkaina carrying the Nazi black sun symbol on their flags and uniforms.

Can you see the connection between the situation in Ukraine, NATO and the symbol of the rising sun? If not, let’s go deeper into the Ukrainian situation. Relax.

Ukrainian Revolution 2014

[21]The 2014 Ukrainian Revolution refers to the February 2014 revolution in which President Viktor Yanukovych was dismissed. Viktor Yanukovych was not a promoter of the WEF syndicate agenda. 

Ukraine’s current president [23]Volodymyr Zelensky is the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) highest level of engagement, or Agenda Contributor. Other contributors to the WEF Agenda at the highest level of engagement include [24]Emmanuel Macron, [25]Ursula von der Leyen, [26]Justin Trudeau and Finnish Prime Minister [28]Sanna Marin.

Language Law

The events in eastern Ukraine stem from the 2012 Language Law, which was repealed by the Ukrainian parliament in late February 2014 and protected the status of Russian and other minority languages in Ukraine. Ukraine’s population is both [20]Ukrainian and Russian-speaking.

The events began as protests were launched in several cities in eastern Ukraine against Ukraine’s new state leadership. The Ukrainian president later withdrew his approval of an amendment to the language law, but the protests continued. In eastern Ukraine, protesters occupied government buildings in several localities.

The revolution was followed by demonstrations by separatist Ukrainians in Crimea and eastern and southern Ukraine. Some advocated regional secession from Ukraine and accession to Russia. Violence has continued in eastern Ukraine to this day and turned into war when Russia invaded Ukraine in spring-winter 2022.

Western influence

The West’s presence in Ukraine has been in the background all along. Below is a video where President Petro Poroshenko and US Senators [40]McCain and [41]Lindsey Graham pour faith in the Ukrainian military forces in 2016. The US vows to give its full support to the rise of the ”black sun”.

Look carefully at the logo at the beginning of the video by Lindsey Graham. It’s the SIG, or Sig Sauer, sleeve brand. Sig Sauer is a gun factory and the history is questionable because it is associated with [29]nazis.

Nato has been commanded throughout its history by some of the highest ranking officers in Nazi Germany. Senators wearing SIG sleeve badges are in Ukraine cheering on the Black Sun troops and vowing death to Putin in 2016. I wonder how it’s possible that war broke out in Ukraine?

[30]In Germany and Austria, the expression ”Sieg Heil” is criminalised. In Germany, its use can result in three years imprisonment and that history of the SIG badge is very close to that.

Want to go even deeper? Relax, we’re already deep into it. And now we’re going even deeper.

Joe and Hunter Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden and his son Hunter have been active in Ukraine, but not in the role of philanthropist. [31]Hunter Biden’s computer has turned up evidence of 11 million discrepancies related to the Ukrainian [32]Burisma oil giant.

I could also put here the pedophile photos found on Hunter’s computer and the mysterious symbolic map tattooed on Hunter’s back. But I won’t do that, because you’re deep enough to understand this whole world agenda.

Hunter Biden on trial in Ukraine

Hunter was already being sued in Ukraine over Burisma controversies. Father Joe was vice president at the time and intervened. Watch the video below where Joe Biden brags about the billion dollar extortion/graft. The audience was amused when the prosecutor was fired and replaced by a cabal man.

COVID-19 is just part of this great game of chess

As we have seen in previous installments, the Cabal has a historic promise to murder all other religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims), either by poison, famine or war. Their religion is the Kabbalah, which has been replicated in many different places. For example, the Masonic rites are almost a direct quote from the Kabbalah. Covid-19 is the queen of this game of chess, perhaps the most powerful piece in the game of chess.

The manipulation it allows has put people in a state where they cannot see reality. The manipulation has been deliberate and even at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, nurses appeared to be witched after injecting themselves with something. Note: Why was health care the first to be pricked?

I could tell you all the steps of the campaign, because I saw them almost immediately. They are based entirely on the basic principles of deepening hypnosis.

Why do I know about hypnosis? I have been an anaesthetist and studied hypnosis techniques in courses so that I could bring it into my work for the benefit of patients. However, it was completely unthinkable as an idea and there was no way I could put it into practice. However, I know its healing – and also frightening – power.

In the campaign, they have been implemented globally and on a very slow cycle, but not in such a way that they were noticeable. However, explaining them is not important at this stage.

It is now visible

mRNA injections have been all but forced on the citizens of the world and now we know that they are of no use. They [33]lower immunity. Currently, Finland has a huge over-mortality rate and the birth rate has dropped at an alarming rate. The trend is global.

The overall mortality rate was [43]Eurostat’s latest release shows a +16% increase in Europe. Spain had an excess mortality rate of +37% and Cyprus +33%.

Latvia, which has a low vaccination rate, had an excess mortality rate of -0.5%.

Eurostat: Updated 27 September 2022

I have received a reply

When I saw at work in a hospital what starts happening after round 2, I couldn’t come to any other conclusion than that mRNA injections are harmful to humans. I started following the Israeli discussions because Israel was originally the testing laboratory for mRNA injections. There I read alarming reports.

I could not possibly comprehend that all pharmaceutical companies are owned by Jews and they test the product on their own citizens. Since then I have been searching for an answer to the question: why? Now I know the answer, but you know the answer too.

The road has been long and hard

The road has been long and hard. I have had to watch videos that stir up a heart-wrenching anger that will not let go. I have wept for the fate of children and the extreme evil of the cabal. The fact that they have been deported throughout history is no wonder. What the trafficker said in the documentary is true. Children are tortured. The fact that he killed himself when he realised he had told too much is quite extraordinary.

Angels and demons

While my research took me deep into evil, I prayed to God in return. I am not, and will not join a church. But, I have had the privilege of being in a situation where I felt God’s presence very strongly. I have written an article about it entitled [34]The meaning and history of the injectionjab logo. After the event I had a very strong intuitive ability.


The world’s greatest scientists have been asked where do they get their ideas? For example, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. They have both given a similar answer. – They are not my ideas, they come from a ”source”. That’s a very good description of intuition.

Everyone can think for themselves what the ”source” is, for me it is perfectly clear.

Good will win

People have been poisoned by mRNA injections for historical promise, and now an artificial famine is being created on top of that, leading to world war.

Thank you

I have read tens of thousands of pages of material, spent all my time over the last year searching for an answer. But I think the biggest reason for my action is ”The Source” and the intuition that comes from there, and the wish I made. I believe in the goodness of ”The Source” and that good will ultimately prevail.

Lucifer or Satan is just one of His angels who was cast into hell. I am not afraid to say the Lord’s Prayer and I do it every now and then. Try it yourself. I close my eyes and let it come from my heart.

I am grateful for the hell I had to go through because it was meant to be.

I feel like a year-long exploration of the question, why? has now come to an end.

Now you can wake up.

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