Revealing symbols – PART 4 – Trinity

Before reading this part of the article, you should read all the previous parts of the article series. The Occultism videos in section 3 are important. In them, an expert explains what the occult is. This part takes a closer look at the symbols of the coat of arms of one of the banking families.

Rothschild banking family

In the last section we looked at a very influential banking family. This family has been involved in central banking since the very beginning. There are 13 very influential families in the world, but in this article we will only look at the Rothschild family coat of arms and what it might contain.

Rothschild coat of arms

Each coat of arms is designed to identify a particular person, family or organisation and is designed to last forever: [1]Heraldry is Europe’s oldest, most visual and strictly regulated form of identity.

The meanings of the Rothschild coat of arms are [2]folded on their page. However, there is no mention of the knights of the coat of arms. The coats of arms evolve as the families unite.

Rothschild family vaacuna

Right-sided knight

On the right side is a knight with three feathers. Blue feathers on the edges and white in the middle. Such a coat of arms belongs to the German von der Leyen noble family.

The coat of arms of the von der Leyen family. (In historical order)

The coat of arms of Rothschild features a knight of the von der Leyen family.

Johann von der Leyen (1510-1567)

The earliest coat of arms is associated with [3]Johann von der Leyen. He was consecrated as archbishop on 25 April 1556. In 1560 he encouraged the Jesuits to take control of the faculty of philosophy and theology at the University of Trier. In 1562 he supervised the establishment of a Jesuit grammar school.

Heiko van der Leyen (present)

Heiko von der Layen is [4]the medical director of Orgenesis Inc. The Orgenesis company specializes in cell and gene therapy. The company says cell and gene therapy has shown the potential to replace damaged cells with functional alternatives or to induce a desired immune response.

[7]Vincent Vandamme is the executive vice president of Orgenesis. He has worked as executive vice president for 11 years at the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Prior to joining GSK, Vandamme was quality director at Pfizer for eight years. Vincent Vandamme became Executive Vice President of Orgenesis in September 2020. Several other Orgenesis employees have also previously worked at Pfizer.

[8] In August 2019, GSK and Pfizer announced the combination of several of their GSK Consumer Healthcare joint venture businesses. Seven months later, the world announced a ”pandemic”.

GSK and CureVac have begun clinical trials of a brand new type of [9]RNA injection.

Orgenesis Inc. holds a broad range of patents. Of course, the portfolio also includes [5]mRNA and COVID-19 related patents. Orgenesis Inc. is doing quite well. [6] The Wall Street Journal reports 425% revenue growth in Q3 2021.

[10]Heiko von der Leyen received his doctorate in Hannover in 1986 and then specialised in cardiovascular gene therapy. Heiko von der Leyen is closely involved in the development of mRNA technology. His wife is EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Ursula von der Leyen

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen comes from the very wealthy [11]Albrecht family. The family is one of the [21]wealthiest families in the world.

Ursula von Leyen has a colourful past to say the least. More about it is written in [12]La Puta de EU – 1.8 billion corrupt vaccines. However, let’s go through the main points. Given his family history, Ursula should have no shortage of pocket money.

President of the EU Commission pending criminal investigation

Ursula Von der Leyen was elevated to the presidency of the European Commission amid an [13]investigation into a multi-hundred million contract scandal and[14]nepotism.

Ursula Von der Leyen [15]signed on 20 May 2021 the third contract for mRNA boosting from Pfizer for pharmaceutical companies BionTech and Albert Bourla for the period 2021-2023. 

Photo of Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer CEO Albert Burla after signing the €35.1 billion deal

Worth noting in the deal is that the order was for four (4) mRNA injections for each EU citizen. At the time, no third or fourth injections were known (publicly).

According to the Public Access Act, the exchange of messages in the agreement must be opened – the EU is concealing the exchange of messages

According to public access law, the exchange of messages between Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer CEO Albert Burla on the agreement should be made public. The text message controversy was triggered by a media request for information. EU journalist [16]Alexander Fanta asked to see the text messages between von der Leyen and Bourla, but the EU Commission refused the request, saying the messages were not archived.

The Knight of the Left

The left knight of the coat of arms of Rothschild was difficult to find. It has so-called buffalo horns, with the upper part of the middle horn being dark. The equivalent was found in [17]the name of the Mercklin family. The shield bears [18]the cross of the Order of the Knighthood of the Knights of the Order of the Templar.

Nothing found for the noble family of Merckl. Geni found several [19]Merck/Mercklin references to the turn of the 1700s. Apparently Mercklin is related to Merck.


[20]The Merck family is a German industrial and banking family. The family is among the [21]wealthiest families in the world. The family is known as the owner of Merck, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical company. The American subsidiary is Merck & Co (MSD), and during the coronary pandemic Merck has been featured in many contexts.

Merck owns [22] the COVID-19 dignostic, a WHO-recommended supercold drug used in intensive care, the latest being an oral drug. Merck is a big, maybe the biggest player in the coronary pandemic.

Useful instances right and left

On the right is EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, who has made a secret deal worth tens of billions for mRNA injections at a time when there was no evidence that they would work. Now the EU is refusing to disclose material covered by public access law.

Her husband Heiko von der Leyen supplies mRNA technology to pharmaceutical companies and she specialises in cardiovascular gene therapy. At this point, it must be pointed out that mRNA injections are precisely what cause cardiovascular problems (including myocardial and pericardial inflammation, and leaks and blockages in the vasculature).

On the left is the family that owns the world’s oldest pharmaceutical company. Merck and MSD are key players in the COVID-19-related business.

This looks scary – who’s in the middle?

Of course, in the middle would be a key player from the Rothschild family. In future parts of this series, we’ll find out how the top of the pyramid controls countries and cities through a series of occult secret societies.

One of the most prominent secret societies is the World Economic Forum, or WEF. Its members have infiltrated the world’s cabinets and its promoters can be found in almost every government in the world.

In Finland, [23]Sanna Marin and [24]Annika Saarikko are members of this ”public secret society”. Sanna Marin is a member at the highest level, the Agenda Contributor. Ursula von der Leyen and Macron, for example, are at the same level of engagement. If you still don’t know what the WEF is, see the excellent documentary on the subject in [25]WOKE! – Build Back Better.

Who is the founder and leader of the WEF?

The founder and director of the WEF is [26]Klaus Schwab. He is the founder of the World Economic Forum in 1971. He is the author of [27]The Great Reset, a book in which he has opened up his goals. In short, its message is to reset the world economy, bring about a fourth industrial revolution and create a world where no ordinary citizen owns anything. In practice, the pipe dream is communism in its purest form, with the addition of high-tech control.

Sanna Marin and Klaus Schwab

Who’s sons are we

Klaus Schwab’s family tree is secret, but his mother is said to be [28]Marianne Schwab (Rothscild). Marianne’s father was Louis Rothscild and her mother was Melanie Rothscild (Emmerich). Fact-checkers have refuted this and said that Marianne Schwab is from a different branch of the family. Klaus Schwab has said that he does not know who Marianne Schwab is.

The noble families are inbred, so let’s compare the appearance to the real Rothscild. Baron Philippine Rothscild died in 2014, but there are other photos of him online.

If Marianne and Philippine had met at the mall together, I would have guessed they were sisters. We will never know the full truth about Klaus Schwab’s ancestry. For some reason, it’s classified information.

If this is true – what does it mean?

If the families in the coat of arms and the connections of the people mentioned are correct, it means that the whole COVID-19 pandemic and the WEF are largely linked to one coat of arms and one family. All the elements are within the family. mRNA (Heiko von der Leyen), pharmaceutical factories (Merck), buying and forcing mRNA injections (Ursula von der Leyen) and government shutdowns (Klaus Schwab and Ursula von der Leyen).

SARS-CoV-2 is made in a laboratory

[29]”A sequence patented to Moderna three years before the pandemic began has been discovered in SARS-CoV-2” article explains how an international team of researchers discovered a sequence patented to Moderna in 2017 for the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the spike protein produced by the injections. The sequence is linked to the production of proteins involved in oncology (cancer). In addition, Nobel Prize-winning virologist Luc Montagnier reported that the virus contains the sequence of the HIV virus. Sadly, he died just before the Grand Jury testimony on 8 February 2022.

Is it money?

There is no money involved. This consortium has far more than enough money. They own practically the whole world. It can’t be about money. Is it about power? Yes. It’s about creating one world government. That is a centuries-old goal of the cult at the top of the pyramid and it has many other lofty goals. But more on that in later sections.

The coat of arms combines many interesting things

As you may recall, the Rothscild family is ashkenazi jews. Johann von der Leyen oversaw the founding of the Jesuit school in 1562. The Merck coat of arms bears the emblem of the knighthood of the Knights of the Order of the Temple. Klaus Schwab, on the other hand, represents Marxism-Leninism.

Remember the words: Ashkenazi, Jesuit, Templar and Marxist-Leninism in future episodes.

Banking world and governments

This top of the pyramid controls the banking world and, through secret societies, the world’s governments and even the local level. Their power is unimaginable.

I was referring to the cult at the top of the pyramid. I’ll bring it out a little bit, but only a little bit. All the families at the top are outwardly Jewish. However, Jewishness should not be generalised in this case. There are many trends in Judaism. Jews have two different versions of the scriptures. One is the Torah and the other is the Babylonian Talmud and kabbalah.

Israel has served as the world’s greatest test laboratory, so let’s not generalize Judaism to the top of the pyramid in any way in the future, even if they hide behind the Star of David. Right? Got it?Stop reading here if you can’t tell black from white. PISTE. I mean it.


Since the title of this series of articles is ”revealing symbols”, let’s focus on them. Baron Philippine Rothscild almost always wore a huge piece of jewellery around her neck. A horned buck, it was [30]Baphomet or [31]Baal. The worship of these occult deities is associated with the Babylonian Talmud and the rituals of the High Temple Lords. Even today.

Baphomet and other jewellery

Baron Philippine Rothscild didn’t skimp on the jewelry. Some wear a cross around their neck to symbolise God, others a hornhead to symbolise Satan.

Bankers’ cream

Philippine Rothscild and Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank, squeeze a berry-juice coloured drink. Lagarde was head of the IMF before becoming head of the European Central Bank, so she is the top banking elite. But she has no jewellery to suggest a cult.

However, it’s not worth licking before you drop. In this picture, she is wearing a piece of jewellery called the ”Unholy Trinity”. You can find the numbers 666 on the jewellery. The same symbol is also used in the article.

Here he is wearing a Baphomet around his neck.

You probably remember from occult videos what the owl symbolizes.

Now that you know about symbolism from the previous sections, you can say with 100% certainty that the head of the European Central Bank is a Satan worshipper.

Everyone can worship a stone, there is nothing wrong with that. But you need to know something about this cult. Now, calm down and take a deep breath. The next video may shock you.

Ronald Bernard was at the top of the banking world – a tough player

Watch a video of Dutchman Ronald Bernard sharing his experiences from the top of the banking world. Satanism is all out in the open there and the hard players are taken very deep. So deep that after a certain point you can’t get out. If you cross the line, you’ve given your life to the cult for good.

World Economic Forum Training Centre

The World Economic Forum Training Centre is located in Switzerland. The setting looks quite pleasant.


The garden features a familiar figure with a bit of stylisation. Occult symbolism is always present.

Government Confession of Faith

The government took a telling picture in December 2020, just before the start of mass vaccination. It’s on Sanna Marin’s instagram account. Now that you know the symbolism, there’s no mistaking this picture. This is a Masonic temple. All the elements are carefully laid out. On the left is the sun (shade of light) on the right is the moon (shade of light), the pillars, all the elements of the temple are there.

What is remarkable about the picture is that the ”witches” of the government stand in the form of an upside-down pentagram. That, if anyone symbolizes Satan. It is obvious from the picture that it is a sign of commitment to the Satanic cult. They are openly communicating because the ordinary citizen cannot even suspect the message they contain.

The government is either an incredibly stupid bunch of puppets put in a picture that sends a message about the government’s commitment to the cult. In that case, who is the compositor of the picture?

The other option is that our government is full of Satanists. Neither of these options is acceptable.

The crusade of the politicians who destroyed Finland into the banking world

When a politician makes shocking decisions for Finland, he usually finds himself in the position of President or Vice-President of the European Central Bank or the European Investment Bank.

From Finland there have been for example. Niinistö, Katainen, Stubb, Vapaavuori and many others. Have they experienced and accepted the invitation of evil offered to Ronald Bernard on his crusade?



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