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On Monday, news broke of possible gas leaks along the Nord Stream 2 pipeline route. German authorities said earlier that the pressure in the pipeline had already dropped overnight on Monday for an unknown reason. The cause was later revealed to be explosions, which had caused severe damage. The gas is now bubbling to the surface and the area has been sealed off. What happened?

North Stream gas pipelines

Nord Stream are gas pipelines that run from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The Nord Stream I line runs from Vyborg to Greifswald in Germany. The pipeline consists of two parallel pipelines. Nord Stream 2 is new and in September 2021 Gazprom announced the completion of Nord Stream 2. The pipeline was filled with 300 million cubic metres of gas, but was never commissioned.

German Chancellor [2]Olaf Scholz announced that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project will be suspended in protest [3]against Russian actions in Ukraine.  [4]Scholz said Europe was threatened with war.

The US imposed sanctions on the pipeline company and [5]Joe Biden threatened in early February 2022 to end the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if Russia attacked Ukraine. Despite requests from a reporter, he did not say how that would happen in practice. However, Biden assured that he could do it.

Closing the page

In June 2022, Gazprom announced a reduction in gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline due to maintenance work.

When supplies were completely halted for the annual maintenance work, German officials feared the pipeline would be closed permanently.

Deliveries resumed after the break, but at only 40% of the previous rate. Soon deliveries were reduced to 20%, which the Germans considered a deliberate act of damage.

At the end of August, on 31 August, the flow of natural gas was again interrupted for a limited period for maintenance work. Europe was preparing for the possibility that gas supplies would not be restored after the break.

Gas taps closed

After the deadline [7]Gazprom announced 2 September 2022 that it would keep the pipeline closed due to an oil leak in the turbine. [6]Turbine manufacturer Siemens Energy says the oil leak cannot be the reason for the shutdown. A European Commission spokesman said Russia was using the gas as a weapon.

News on the leak in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline

On Monday, news broke of a possible leak in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The pressure had dropped from 105 to seven bar. The pipeline was ready for commissioning full of gas and pressurised, but Germany has refused to commission it because of the war in Ukraine.[8]

Tuesday morning there were news reports of leaks and possible sabotage in both pipelines

Tuesday morning also saw news of the [9]North Stream 1 pipeline leak. One of the leaks is in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone and the other in the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone north-east of Bornholm Island. News reports suspected that the leaks were not accidental. Shipping is blocked within a 9 km radius of the leak sites.

This afternoon there were reports of powerful explosions in the areas of the spill

Seismological monitoring stations had detected explosions in the area, the first on Monday 02.03 Swedish time and the second at 19.04. The first had a magnitude of 1.8 and the second 2.3.

The Volcanodiscovery.com website shows all the earthquakes in the world, very small ones starting at 0.1 magnitude.

There has been one magnitude 2.2 Richter magnitude quake in the Baltic Sea region. There have not been two, according to officials. As you can see, there was a 1.0 Richter quake in Huittis on 25.9.2022. A check has been made in 3 different databases and the second 1.3 richter quake has not been registered in them, the second reported quake is missing from the statistics. It has not been recorded or did not exist.

Shocks are also well located. It was at coordinates 55.63°N / 15.8°E on 26 September 2022 at 19:03 Swedish time.

US warship in the area

The aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge (MMSI: 368702000), which visited Finland on 5 August 2022, was last located by marinetraffic.com on 21 September 2022 near the earthquake/blast site. Apparently after that the transponder has been turned off.

USS Kearsarge on September 4, 2022 [14]According to a news release from the AP, the ship will participate in exercises in the East Sea. According to Captain Aaron Kelley, ”They have been operating in the Baltic and Mediterranean over the past few months”

USS Kearsarge allows training with aircraft such as the AV-8B Harrier and MV-22 Osprey, as well as the UH-1 Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper helicopters.

German warship

German warship GERMAN WARSHIP F219 (MMSI:211210150). Let’s see its route and schedule.

The time of the earthquake has been added to the video, which was 19.03 Swedish time (17.03 UTC) when the warship was near Travemünde. As soon as the explosion occurred, the ship headed out to sea, just minutes after the explosion. It sailed near Bergen, stopped and orbited until Tuesday morning, when it headed for the explosion site.

According to media reports, the leak was discovered on Monday because the pressure in the pipeline had dropped and no information about the explosion was known at the time. It was not until Tuesday afternoon that news of the explosion was reported. It is quite a coincidence that a warship sets off towards the area IMMEDIATELY after the explosion, but is left waiting in the middle of the journey.

Finnish Maritime Patrol

The Coast Guard normally flies daily [15]supervisory flights in the Gulf of Finland. However, both Coast Guard surveillance aircraft were unable to make their daily flights on 26-27 September 2022 due to a technical failure.


This case brings up some undeniably strange issues.

  1. Nord Stream 2 has been full of gas and pressurized, but Germany has refused to take the gas. We have been told that Russia turned off the gas taps. Russia, according to its press release, turned off the Nord Stream 1 tap. It cited a broken turbine that Siemens refuses to repair? Nord Stream 2 has apparently been full of gas and operational.
  2. A state-of-the-art US aircraft carrier was in the area? How did the underwater sabotage happen?
  3. Why does the second explosion not show up in databases? Statistical services record 0.1 richter quakes. The second blast was reported to have a magnitude of 1.3 richter. Was there only one simultaneous charge in the gas pipes after all.
  4. How did the German warship head for the area within minutes of the explosion? It was only about 1.5 days after the event that authorities started talking about explosives. Moreover, it was left waiting off the coast of Bergen for a long time.
  5. If there is a concern that the Russians have blown up the gas pipelines, why is Finland not worried about the Coast Guard checking its own sea area. Even on Tuesday there was still an ”oil change” in progress on the planes.
  6. Who benefits from Europe not getting Russian gas even if it wants it for some reason. [16]The gas pipeline could be ruined for good when seawater gets in.

There are flight tracker screenshots circulating on social services from previous flight activity (planes: NEPTN11, FFAB123) in the area of the explosion over the gas pipelines on 2 September 2022. However, the data from those flights has now been removed from the service and can no longer be verified.

What did Joe Biden mean by his ”We can do it” statement?

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I know, the situation looks really strange and completely illogical. The facts that have emerged suggest that something very sinister is going on in Europe and around the world.

If this is your first time on the site you may feel very unreal, I am sorry. You can check all the information in the article, all the sources are in the bibliography.

I myself have been trying for three years to figure out what is going on in this world and I think I have found an explanation. Unfortunately, the information contained in a series of articles I wrote a year ago is becoming a very tangible reality these days.

The series of articles is in 9 parts. You can start by reading the last part first. It’s a summary, to give you an idea of what’s going to happen.

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