The Flour Gang – Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin’s BFF?

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The Great Binge of Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland, and a Young Global Leader, an “Agenda Contributor” for the Great Reset by the World Economic Forum has become world-wide news. It is somewhat strange to watch how a 36-year-old PM, head of the state, and a mother of a four-year-old daughter, to party with her oddball posse – or a “Flour Gang” – day after day, with some of her “BFFs” (Blow Friends Forever) being barely over 20 years of age. Not just party – not give a damn about Finland which is bleeding money at the rate of €100 million per day. So, is all the media frenzy much ado over nothing or is there a reason to maintain not to bury this topic. Let’s see if we can find that out.


Ruisrock, is among the biggest rock festivals Finland. Held annually in Turku, Finland since 1970, together with Pinkpop in the Netherlands, also established in 1970, Ruisrock is the oldest rock festival in Europe. In 2020 and 2021 Ruisrock was cancelled due to alleged pandemic by Sanna Marin.

(Ruisrock’s sustainability program has been created for the years 2022-2025, and it is based on the goals of the global action program for sustainable development, the UN Agenda 2030).[17]

This summer Ruisrock took place on the nice simmer weekend July 8-10. PM Sanna Marin attended the Ruisrock where a photographer (of celebs), Janita Autio, took a photo of PM Marin, wearing a leather jacket, torn jeans, and boots, being cool according to some, and the photo was well-received in her cult and among those who do not know any better. “She’s cool!”

A Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat interviewed Autio, and according to her, they bumped into each other by chance in the area. She knew Marin attended the Ruisrock and sent her a message if she would like to be photographed. Of course, she did. She’s big on Instagram with millions of followers whose name is typical Finnish name, such as Singh or Nahasapeemapetilon.

Marin was later photographed at Ruisrock with her husband Markus Räikkönen. It must be stressed here that this is extremely rare. Marin’s husband isn’t a regular in Marin’s circles, Marin’s Instagram account does not have photos of him, save from few official ones. But one should pay attention to the other pictures, not the ones by Autio, for they include individuals from the soon-to-be infamous “Flour Gang” as well as some shots from various nightclubs – as well as PM Marin’s Official State Residence. Suffice to say that the company she keeps, does not seem to be too statesmanlike. Unless the state is Chaz / Chop. Remember Seattle and the Summer of Love 2020?

The performers in Ruisrock included the likes of Olavi Uusivirta, Mikael Gabriel, Antti Tuisku, and Sexmane… For what’s it’s worth. [18]

What Else Was Happening in Finland at the Time of Ruisrock?

Fortum is a Finnish state-owned – or Finnish taxpayer-owned – energy company. In addition to Finland, Fortum operates in the other Nordic countries, in the UK, and in countries in the Central Europe, including Germany.[3]

In Germany, Fortum owns a majority (78%) of a German energy company Uniper LE based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Uniper has a unique business model. It sells gas to the Germans cheaper than it pays for it and, as a result, makes a loss of about €100 million a day. That’s Finnish taxpayers’ money.

On Saturday 9 July 2022, or the second day of the Ruisrock festival, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, and the Vice Chancellor of Germany, Robert Habeck demanded that Fortum should share the losses made by Uniper which, at the time, already amounted to €10 billion. Uniper had already received a “financing package” worth €10 billion from the Finnish taxpayers earlier this year.

Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) reported the following:

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd.) has been in contact with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz over the situation at gas giant Uniper over the weekend,  according to the Prime Minister’s staff.

12 Jul 18:19-Updated 12 Jul 20:34

Sanna Marin had been in contact with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, according to her office.

It is known for a fact that she was partying at the Ruisrock festival that weekend. There are the pictures to prove it.

Later when pushed by the press, which is rare given her cult status, PM Marin stated several times that “there had been a contact” with Chancellor Scholz. Marin also stressed out, time and time again, that she had trusted the Minister of European Affairs and Ownership Steering, Tytti Tuppurainen, to handle whatever there was to handle. She did not once say that she would have, personally, spoken with Scholz, not that weekend, nor later. So lame!

Sunday July 9, 2022 – The Fat Lady Sings But Because the Party Ain’t Over.

The Ruisrock festival in Turku ended on Sunday, July 9, 2022, but the afterparty continued in Helsinki. Not just anywhere but in the Prime Minister Marin’s Official State Residence, Kesäranta.

(This wasn’t known till it was. On a later date, a video of PM Marin “dancing” with the Flour Gang was leaked. Following that, more footage was leaked, including the footage from Kesäranta.)

If we assume that PM Marin new about the events unfolding in Germany, instead of worrying for the Finns paying billions for the Germans’ energy scam, PM Marin figured instead to party on.

In her defence, if there is on, she was officially on “holiday”. If we were to assume that the heads of states have “summer vacations”. They don’t.

Ruisrock Afterparty at Kesäranta

Sabina Särkkä is a cosmetologist, who has participated Miss Finland beauty pageant contest, and in a number of reality TV shows. She’s also a big influencer on Chinese TikTok app. She later shared footage of the Kesäranta party on her TikTok account. The footage, allegedly, has been shot in the garden – and in the press room – of Prime Minister Marin’s official residence in Kesäranta (literally translated as “summer shore”, illiterally as “summer’s whore”). As a side note, it is worth mentioning that the airspace over Kesäranta is protected, but it seems as if the grounds, or the interiors, are not.

“It’s tits, two chicks, here we go, come with me, it is Finland, “kesärata”.

Kesärata, below Kesärata 22, is a reference to Kesäranta 2022. But “rata”, instead of “ranta”, means, verbatim “track”, among other things, but it is often times used to mean “going on a binge” in “party circles”. Especially if the circles do uppers such as amphetamine or cocaine to keep them ticking on the “fast track”.

Who Shot the Video?

When PM Marin had to admit to the authenticity, the date, and the location, she said that her entourage only had access to the sauna, the beach house, and the toilet downstairs. But the boob shot is from the PM’s official Press Room. Where she briefs the press.

Later, following the leakages of various footage, PM Marin confirmed the authenticity of the footage, and the date as well as the location to be her official residence. Särkkä, again, confessed having leaked the footage, and apologized for leaking the footage, but not what she did in the footage. Or another footage shot in a night club where she foot rapes the PM Marin’s thigh with her groin on the dance floor.

To the date, to my knowledge, Prime Minister Sanna Marin has not apologized for anything about the leaked footage – apart from being sorry for the footage having been leaked. She hasn’t said she is sorry about anything what can be seen on the footage.

She’s also sorry that she is a victim.

Where Was the Security Detail???

When, If Ever, Did PM Sanna Marin Call Germany?

Sanna Marin had started partying on Friday on June 8, 2022, presumably spending the time of her life throughout the weekend. The million, nay, billion-dollar question is: when, if ever, did she call the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz?

This is not a minor issue for Finland’s history and economy. Even if officially on vacation, was she fit to take care of her duties, should a duty call? The Prime Minister’s office has stated that Marin had been in touch with Scholz that weekend. While clearly being intoxicated at Ruisrock in Turku, and on Sunday partying carefree in Kesäranta, desecrating the Prime Minister’s official residence, under these circumstances, perhaps knowing that Finland is bleeding €100M per day. In excess of four million Euros per hour. “I’ll drink to that!”

On August 26, 2022, the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat publishes an article about the Prime Minister Marin’s role in the Uniper “negotiations”. Ilta-Sanomat is a very pro Marin newspaper. The paper covers the story, by and large, in passive tense. “Things had happened.”

“Marin has had contact with Scholz twice”, on Saturday, July 7, and then on Thursday, July 21, 2022. Only the ”contact” can mean most anything. The “contact” with Scholz, may have happened by proxy – who would be the aforementioned Tytti Tuppurainen – and the next “contact” took place only on July 21. That’s Finland bleeding €100M per day to Germany for 12 days. Or €1.2B.

Ilta-Sanomat quoted Tuppurainen, who said: “Marin promoted the negotiations behind the scenes all the time.” When asked from PM Marin herself, whether or not she had talked to Scholz on the phone, Marin replied: “I will not specify the nature of the contact, but there has been a contact”. Why could she not say she had talked with Scholz if had she done it? Marin only emphasizes how much she had supported Tuppurainen.[19]

This leads us to two issues. On Marin herself, and the Uniper mess. We’ll start with the latter.

First, Finland recently had her fifth nuclear reactor, Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) finished. As well as a place to bury the nuclear waste – into a tunnel system (Onkalo) excavated into depth of 520 meters (1,710 ft) in solid bedrock. As a consequence, in excess of 90% of Finnish electricity is now carbon-free.[20]

To compare Uniper scandal to OL3, the original price tag for OL3 when the building started in 2005 was estimated to be around three billion euros. After all the delays, now in 2022, the price tag is estimated to be around €11B. That would make OL3 not only the most expensive building in Finland, but the second most expensive building in the world – right after the Great Mosque of Mecca or Masjid al-Haram (King Abdullah Expansion Project). Please, let that sink in.[21]

Then continue with Marin having already wasted €10B to buy – the Germans – electricity, and she doesn’t care about it, or the €100M bleeding per day.

But, Hey – She’s Cool!

Millions of bots in India follow her updates (written in Finnish). Man, do they love her!

That is the second part which needs to be addressed. Marin herself.

As a matter of fact, a recent blog by Elina Lappalainen addressed Marin and, shall we say – shortcomings – so eloquently, I can’t possibly put it better than she did, so I would like to quote parts of her text to summarize the problem that is Prime Minister Marin ( (Translated and abridged by Yours Truly).

Until now I have not commented on the Prime Minister’s pictures, foreign trips, parties, dancing or attending festivals, because I believe that they shouldn’t matter.

And they wouldn’t if they were private, and the Prime Minister had some discretion about who to trust and how to behave. Also, if she did her job well: she’d carry her phones with her at all times, and she’d always be in shape to do the Prime Minister’s job, if need be.

This is not about the Prime Minister’s gender, age, children or even her party background. There have been scandals and resignations over much lesser issues. Even over issues that do not affect, or even are not related, to the minister’s duties and work.

The problem here is the Prime Minister’s poor judgement and lack of policy.

I am very aware of the importance of branding and communication in politics. Without a good brand and a public image, you don’t get the votes or ahead in politics.

This is to which Marin has invested: building her brand and publicity/image. She only appears in media when it’s cool, it serves her brand, gives nice vibes.

In the case of Marin, there can be no argument about political opinions and policies, because there are hardly any. She does not lead policy through his actions or his proposals for problem-solving.

The media do not write about them – because they don’t exist.

So, the fuss about the Prime Minister’s discretion is appropriate and necessary. There really is no leisure time in the highest office of state, and the one holding it cannot behave either like an ordinarier or a pop star.

Awaiting policy proposals for solutions to the economic, energy, food & health crises. Failing that, I recommend a change of job.”

Another Weekend, Another Binge

The weekend of which the party part of this article started unraveling, begun started on Friday, August 5, 2022, when Sanna Marin no longer was on “summer holiday”, but on duty.[6]

Day 1 – Friday 2022/08/05

On the sunny Friday, in Lauttasaari Helsinki, at the home of the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, a Kabul-born Nasima Razmyar there was a party. Razmyar’s father Mohammed Daud Razmyar was a member in the Soviet-lead puppet Central Committee of Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, who still is an active member of Marxist-Leninist People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan, leading the revolution from Helsinki. Viva la revolution!

Nasima Razmyar is also a hardcore socialist, known to be very active, and effective, in making Helsinki “The Green Kabul”. A Cantaloupe Taliban, if you will. The party had started on a balcony terrace of Razmyar’s. At the time present at Razmyar’s were in addition at least Marko Björs, a has-been celeb, model, and a current riding coach, who run for parliament in 2007 as a candidate for the Green Party. Some others probably were present, but only one of them worth mentioning. Ilmari Nurminen.

Ilmari Nurminen

Ilmari Nurminen is probably the closest individual to prime Minister Marin. They have known each other from the childhood, and her route to the Parliament bears similarities to Marin’s. He’s also an MP for the Social Democratic Party.

In 1990, he first run to become a reality TV star, but he wasn’t cast to the Finnish version of Big Brother. He then chose an alternative path, and pretended to be interested in the elderly, who voted him to the Parliament in 2015 at the age of 24, becoming the youngest MP, and the first born in the 1990s. According to newspaper Iltalehti, Nurminen secured his place in the Parliament by scoring votes from the elderly. [22]

Later, Nurminen cordially thanked those who voted him. Following one of the Prime Minister Marin’s previous binges making headlines, PM Marin was on the front in a photo wearing shades with Nurminen behind her looking smug, on Nurminen’ s Instagram account with their accompanying message going: “Hey, boom – boom – boomer, chill it, be cooler”.[23]

During his career, openly gay Nurminen has achieved at least the following nicknames “bash prince”, “rave-röven”, “party-Ilmari” and “boomer remover”. So close is Nurminen to PM Marin that Nurminen and his doctor spouse have been coined in Helsinki night life as “eunuchs” or “attendants of Marin”, guarding her from making more mistakes than by now already has. [24]

Prime Minister Marin and her gay entourage, Nurminen, his spouse, and Björs, left the Razmyar residence at around 10 PM, in Marin’s official car, with Marin holding an open bottle of Champagne in her hand, and the chauffeur drove them further into the night.

Later that same evening, at least Sabina Särkkä (mentioned above) and Shirly Karvinen (gay, who, unlike Särkkä, actually was former Miss Finland, and currently is radio personality), pop singer Alma (gay), probably her sister, too – more from them below – and Veronica Verho (a vlogger and the third most influential influencer in Finland in the age group of 13-17) also joined the party. Verho’s talent is backed up by “Troot Network” (Töttöröö). Yes, exactly as it sounds. And the letter R in the word “Troot” may be but a typo. Were it “Toot Network”, then the term “Flour Gang” would be superfluous to begin with.

When referring to “gay” it is extremely important to emphasize here that the aim of this article is not to judge anybody based on their sexual orientation. It is people’s own business what they do in their bedrooms, and nobody else’s. Instead, the word “gay” is used in the text equally like the words or phrases such as “Miss Finland”, “radio personality” or “influencer” with the sole aim of using them is to emphasize patterns among those influencers who have the access to PM Marin’s ear. It would be hard to argue that the one who has the PM’s ear is irrelevant.

The former President of Finland, Urho Kekkonen, often times liked to cite the Nobel Laureate in Literature, Luigi Pirandello: Così è (se vi pare), (So It Is (If You Think So)) or “Things are the way they appear to be”. Walks like a duck, talks like a duck

Be that as it may, having first attended a part in somebody’s (or nobody’s) residence, the Bold and the Beautiful spent the rest of night influencing in a night club called “Babylon” where PM Marin consumed even more Champagne while wearing shades and being cool.

Day 2 – Saturday 2022/08/06

Saturday was another nice and warm summer day in Helsinki. Probably due to the climate change. Typically, the polar bears take charge of Helsinki already in late July. Not this Saturday.

PM Sanna Marin was first spotted, and photographed, on a terrace of a restaurant Chér in downtown Helsinki with a stylist (a fancy name for a barber?) and a personal shopper Vesa Silver, and yet another radio personality Tinni Wikström. They were photographed together with a bottle of wine in a cooler in the table, browsing their phones as cool millennials are known to do. Tinni Wikström also currently hosts Big Brother, which implies that Ilmari Nurminen’s chances to become a reality TV star have increased.

Saturday then continued in two private residences where the first leaked video that launched the publicity ordeal was shot.

At the beginning of the video, the radio person Tinni Wikström plays with a snuff box (snuff is forbidden to be sold in Finland) on a balcony – making it easy to locate the very apartment using simple contemporary technology available on the web.

The penthouse in question is located in Kamppi, Helsinki, extremely close to, if not belonging to, what is perceived as the “downtown” Helsinki. And living in downtown Helsinki, or nearby, is perceived, or is known, not to be cheap.

However, thanks to Sanna Marin, her being so very cool, her fiscal policies, and her random, mandatory lockdowns of Helsinki, there are fewer and fewer people in Finland who can afford to live in Helsinki, or who have fled it, so the ranking of Helsinki among the most expensive cities in which to live have dived down to 40 or so. Despite that, the costs of living in Helsinki (but not the salaries), including the eastern suburbs, are in the same range with cities like Shanghai or Las Vegas, both of which probably are much more fun cities to live in.[25]

Drinks – They Do Appear in the Video, Yes…

PM Marin, and her original entourage then changed the place to go to party in yet another private residence.

In her non-apologies on TV, PM Sanna Marin apologizes for the footage of being leaked, and she admits that she has done “perfectly legal things” including having had some alcohol – but “only soft drinks“.

Indeed, there are some, but not many, drinks on the footage. There appears to be one bottle on the video, but it seems more like an ornament than just an empty bottle placed by somebody, somewhere, as tends to happen when you are in parties where alcohol is being consumed. Marin’s escort, MP Nurminen has a drink in his hand. He shows it off to the camera. “I have a drink.”

One reason this video has raised some waves is the presence of individuals clearly intoxicated, and the absence of the bottles. Given, there was some alcohol. No two ways about it. But it does not seem as if there was too much of it. Whatever it is the influencers are consuming, it comes across as – highly – intoxicating.

The lights seen in the apartment are also interesting; It is as if they have a Miami Vice theme going on in the party.

Just Take the “Linkku”

This adds to the mystery. There is no verbatim translation to “linkku” but it is clear somebody wants somebody else to take a “linkku”. I do not hang out with the IV grade Helsinki nightlife (sour) cream so their slang is not familiar with me, but if I had to guess I would bet “linkku” might derive from sniffing a “line” with “linkku” being a diminutive, dear form of “a line”, snorting a toot. Alternatively, it is something you are served from a pocketknife or a switchblade (linkkuveitsi). Under any scenario, it is not regular Finnish.

In the video, the phrase “Take a linkku” can be heard. In the video above it is clearly audible. Those who are familiar with the term, and the Helsinki night life, have argued there’s no doubt about the phrase referring to drugs. “Who do they think they are kidding?”

“Come Here to Test it!”

Next thing you hear is a command to “come on over and test it”.

Maybe they are talking about doing wine tasting? Perhaps tasting Chateau de Canard from 1954?

“Fuck, This Feels Good!”

Maybe they are not tasting wines after all?

If they were wine tasting, they’d speak about the bouquet: “I taste some licorice, perhaps some banana, too, a nice touch of a flavor of smoke giving the wine smooth roundness, yet it’s light on tannins…”

But not: “Fuck, this feels good!” They are not some Gavin Newsoms.

Or, who knows? – Only there’s no wine around, breathing and settling, nor are there wine glasses around.

Maybe the wine was served from switchblades?

The Flour Gang

It was the phrase “Flour Gang” that first gained the attention of the greater public. In addition to the context around it. The PM Sanna Marin’s posse sings about “flour” how it “clears one’s mind but numbs the gums and the tongue.” Finishing it with: “The Flour Gang, ha, ha, ha!”

What is it that, i) clears your mind, but ii) also works as a local anesthetic? That would be cocaine. You snort it, and what’s left over, you rub it in your gums, which, consequently, get numb. Their nose candy was of bad quality. It didn’t make their tongues numb but loose.

The First Video in Full

Below is the full video which was circulating not just on social media but also in the mainstream media. It was impossible to suppress it. There were the regular Marin cult-supporting outlets saying that “it might appear as if it is PM Sanna Marin but that needs to be vouched”. On the next phase they called it “Russian misinformation”. That’s not something that any more makes people question it but confirms the authenticity. I so wish they’d learn some new tricks.

It is – “interesting” – to see one’s PM on all her fours, and to call it dancing. As a reflex, it makes me reach my wallet, to find a bill to tuck it in her pants, but on the second thought I find myself thinking – where is the pole, then – “where are her phones?” Her iWatch is on her wrist. The watch is connected to iCloud.

Then I no longer see the Prime Minister crawl on the floor but a security threat. Hacking her would be but kid’s play. Would take me seconds. To know if she called Scholz. And then some.

Dear Lord!

A Nightclub Called Theatre

If the plot here is not chronological, please think it in terms of Tarantino movies.

PM Sanna Marin met this pop star Olavi Uusivirta in Ruisrock. But that wasn’t the only time she met her. There’s footage of Marin dancing with Uusivirta in the VIP room of the night club called Theatre being very intimate with him. The video also includes Uusivirta’s recently released song “Kielletty leikki” (Forbidden Play). In the footage from the night club, one might think Uusivirta is kissing Marin on her neck but according to Marin he’s just whispering things to her ear. Probably he provided advice regarding how to solve the Uniper scam.

One question begs for an answer – Who was the VIP with whom Marin was allowed to enter the VIP room?

Later when asked about the incident on TV, if you can read expressions, Marin can’t hide this unintentional ever so slight smile when Uusivirta’s name is being mentioned. Better (or worse) yet – she either went home, or the Official Residence – in either the car on her disposal, or some other car. She didn’t remember.

And later – these photos surface – allegedly of naked Marin getting ready to be dressed up, shot by Uusivirta, and shared on the celebs’ own private channel on Instagram (@rayharautio).

Arguably, the figure of the lady on the photograph is identical to the body of PM Marin with the tan lines and all. PM Marin had just been on a vacation in Italy with her family with her daughter and all. She told this to the media – only her daughter was not with her in Italy! She surely forgets a lot.

Something else here to pay attention to. On the original “Flour Gang” video, the video ends with people shouting to: “We – go – to – my – hotel – room!” PM Marin does not remember where she went, or how she got there – wherever it was she ended up going. A hotel room?

Day… Who remembers? The Flow Festival on August 12-14, 2022

According to Instagram, Marin and Uusivirta met at the Flow Festival (yet another festival) which took place on 12-14 August 2022, the weekend after Ruisrock – where not just Marin but also Uusivirta were present. Uusivirta was singing, Marin was showing off her new dress.

If Ruisrock is Agenda 2030 festival, the Flow Festival is also very important for PM Marin. It received €780 000 in Covid support, despite of distributing dividends worth of €2 million. The support from Marin to the Flow Festival amounts to 11% of the Covid relief distributed within the entire Finland.[10]

The story for this for this part of this article is about to be wrapped up. Some individuals still are worth mentioning.

Alma Miettinen, and her sister Anna

Alma Miettinen competed in the 2013 season of Idols and made an international breakthrough with her song “Karma”. Sir Elton John chose Karma to play on Elton John’s Rocket Hour making it the first Finnish song to ever be played on the show. Alma and Anna are twins and are considered to be inseparable. In the first leaked video, Alma is the body positive lady who shouts to the camera “Fuck y’all!”. Maybe that’s a teaser? Something from her next album?

Your Local Drug Dealer

If Sanna Marin Is a Young Global Leader, Alma’s sister Anna is a Young Local Drug Dealer. She was one of those who made it to the PM Marin’s Official Residence without security clearance. As typically is the case. After the nightclubs close at the wee hours in the morning, PM Marin tends to collect a more or less random bunch of people to her Official Residence to keep partying. Some sources have expressed their concern. The security detail in Kesäranta has given up even trying. It so happens that there is 24/7 security detail but despite of it, one can freely roam in Kesäranta as if it was a railway station.

Janne “Nacci” Tranberg, the main perpetrator in the famous of the Katiska (freely translated as “dragnet”) drug case, and bust, seems to have liked the image of “Young Local Dealer” from his cell.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fa_5qWyWAAERdhg-690x1024.jpg

After this picture of Anna surfaced, her Instagram account of 10.2K follower (for being somebody’s sister?) (@annacyber) turned private. Now only her clients may contact her in flour-related issues. Baking soda, too.

You may get a picture of the magnitude of the Katiska case, if you watch the TV miniseries called “Katiska” from TV or find it somewhere. The description of the TV series goes as follows: “Document series about finnish [Sic!] drug boss, rich pretty boy, who got caught [Sic!] and later confessed everything”. But Niko Ranta-aho was just a pretty boy with money. Probably with an Instagram account, too. Hardly a “boss”. Just an influencer with some money at his disposal.[26]

When the infamous serial killer, and a mob hitman, Janne Raninen, released his memoirs, PM Sanna Marin happened to be around, and was more than eager to get photographed when asked – with a “famous novelist”.

Raninen is not the best-known novelist in Finland. But he is the best-known Finnish serial killer and a mob hitman alive. If Marin actually did any reading, she might have avoided to smiling next to a mob hitman. Or if her security detail would have tipped her not to… Maybe she figured Raninen was good for her brand.

Raninen released the photo on his Instagram account. His spouse, who is a Finnish rapper called “Mercedes” , had commented on the photo: “The King and the pm”.

A fun fact: later that night PM Marin went partying after having been exposed to Covid-19, and she was photographed to drink Corona beer at bar called “Butcher’s”. Better yet. Somebody who was around, told that PM Marin was snapping her fingers at the bar tender to get served. Well, first of all, it is rude. But it also tells something about her fame and importance if the bartender does not know who she is, or if he does, doesn’t care, or – keeps her waiting just for the hell of it!

In the interviews following this – most recent – interview, she said she can be reached at any time. But she could not be reached when she was dancing at the Butcher’s drinking (and spreading?) Corona. Well, she knows that the Covid-epidemy is but a nothingburger, so she knows better. If she catches Covid-19, she gets ivermectin, gets well in a day, while her subjects do not get ivermectin.

Other people in the video

Vesa Silver

Vesa Silver works as a [11]stylist for famous Finns celebrities. His clients include Antti TuiskuChisuSeela SellaToni WirtanenSipe SantapukkiSaara AaltoRedramaMikael GabrielSamu Haber, Juha TapioKrista SiegfridsLaura NärhiRobin Packalen and Anna Abreu.

While Silver’s BFF, PM Sanna Marin likes to raise taxes, Silver frequently does like to pay them. He’s been convicted of tax evation, embezzlement and several times for such. What he and PM Marin share in common, bonds them, is reckless spending!

Janita Autio

Janita Autio is a celebrity photographer. Her clientele, based on Instagram photos, includes the same celebrities as Silver’s clientele.

Ilmari Nurminen

Ilmari Nurminen is an SDP MP and Sanna Marini’s trusted party buddy.

The “Celeb” Account

These “celebrities” had a private account for 88 “VIP” individuals who, in reality are just P, or rather p. That was the source of the original video. Maybe some others, too. Presumably – videos – have been shared in and from this private account. How many more videos there were, how much hardcore material they contained, or how they have been downloaded and saved remains unknown for the time being, but hardly forever. What is clear is that Sanna Marin has not hidden anything from her friends (or foes, and in doing so, she’s naïve).

One More for the Blow

Have a close look at the woman in the background. Is she giving the dude a blow job? Or is she tooting a load of “flour” off a tray? That’s pretty much the two options. Or three: Blow, load, or both. There’s not that much ambiguity there.

Checkered Floor

Anyone who has followed the articles by Injektiopiikki (Finnish language blog) knows what checkered floor means symbolically. If you do more research, you’ll find such images in various places, and contexts, including our Flour Gang here. But if you don’t yet know to which it often refers to, I can reveal to you that it is related to the symbolism of a secret society. It’s common in the entertainment world, among real celebs, not just some oddball “influencers” in Helsinki. Some artists have the entire machinery behind them, others don’t. Among the artists who are successful, various symbols related to the secret societies are common. The “Revealing Symbols” series of articles will be translated into English as soon as possible.

Symbolism Is All Around – In All Structures of Institutes or Power

Worldwide, Washington D.C. may be the most “symbolic” location. D.C., and other capitols, including Helsinki, are locations where political power is concentrated. In addition to secular power, one should not forget spiritual power. Religions. In the western world, it is the church which is one of the most important institutions in society. However, the church, or the religions in general, have been eroded over the decades, even centuries.

A great miracle happened last Christmas in Helsinki when the unvaccinated could not enter the church. Instead, they sang Christmas carols outside the church. They are the true rebels.

One of the biggest vaccine fanatics in Finland is the bishop of Helsinki, Teemu Laajasalo. He went so far as to write that the unvaccinated bear responsibility for the suffering and death of his neighbor.[13] Those who know better know the issue to be just the opposite. Teemu Laajasalo has abused his spiritual authority to promote, to scare people, to succumb in taking experimental shots which do not protect individuals from a harmless virus but makes them vulnerable to it. Laajasalo bears responsibility for huge number of vaccine-related deaths, either related directly to the vaccine, or by the virtue that the vaccines damage the DNA in cells, not just weaken the immune system.

In this picture, bishop Laajasalo is posing with yet another gay celebrity, Antti Tuisku, closely connected to the “Flour Gang”, in a church – with an altar of another religion. Tuisku is doing the double V sign. The bishop has allowed something to be brought in his church that does not belong there. He can’t be stupid enough not to know what it is. He should know symbolism. He is a bishop, for crying out loud! Do you really want to pay your dues to a bishop like that, or the organization which allows these things to happen. Please, think about it.

Antti Tuisku – The Chosen People

Antti Tuisku’s song “The Chosen People” is blasphemy. And not just blasphemy, but also worship of Satan.

In the video, when Tuisku comes out with the sheep, the ropes in the video are of the checkered pattern.

So, what’s the relation to the Flour Gang? Tuisku was performing in Ruisrock. It could be a coincidence. @Anttitapani was among the 88 VIP people with the access to the now closed account. His stylist is Vesa Silver from the party, and Janita Autio from both the Ruisrock and the infamous party, is his photographer.

Day, Whogivesadamn, in Lahti, 2022/08/24

PM Sanna Marin gave a heart-warming speech at the Lahti town square on Wednesday Aug. 24, 2022. Marin breaks down in tears, and suspects that there will be more, even more videos waiting to surface. She still apologises only about the videos being leaked, not what’s in them, and which she does not even deny. She’s a victim. Not a word about lost billions but words of Ukrainian people suffering, but not a word about Finland which is likely to be suffering. The winter is about to come because she has wasted incredible amounts of money, not just to keep the Germans warm, but to her Green Policies, including the lockdowns and unemployment – which had nothing whatsoever to do with the virus but everything to do with destroying the economy and the fabric of society.

Binge Fresh!

Three days on the track, and a fresh start for the week. She has changed her shirt. Maybe had coffee or other stimulants. I know I’d suffer from a massive hangover. But she’s pretty peppy. For now. The footage hasn’t been leaked yet.

PM Marin Takes a Drug Test to Clear Her Good Name

On (date?) Marin pays a visit to a doctor. A young doctor, about her age, and who has specialized in occupational medicine. And not somebody who’d be specialized in abuse issues. Long after any given substance would have shown in a urine sample, so she pees in a cup, maybe farts, too… But in the occupational health premises this cannot even be monitored. No hair sample which could reveal a long terms use of use from a quite long while ago was collected. So, paying a visit to a doctor, or the doctor, is nothing short of brand damage control. She gets to tell the media, that her pee is like milk and honey.

A Familiar Doctor?

The occupational health physician who signed Marin to be “clean” was one Paavo Halonen from Terveystalo. Terveystalo is a chain of private medical centers providing private services, coerced experimental vaccines, and doxed names of doctors who have publicly opposed to The Narrative – from a list which collected by some alt-left loonie group, probably Antifa. Marin acknowledged knowing the young doctor.

When Marin, having been exposed to Covid-19, was drinking Corona at Butcher’s, his personal eunuch, MP Ilmari Nurminen was present with his “significant other”. The identity of the Nurminen’s lover was not published – his occupation was – a doctor.

Paavo Halonen is the owner of Sulcus Ltd, which employs one person. Him. The business has been active for two years, but even the (groove?) website is still to be created.

Dr. Halonen’s Linkedin disappeared after the uproar. Before it did, his profile was accompanied with the following text: “I have been working extensively on large animal models of cardiovascular disease, especially on the models of myocardial ischemia. My PhD research is focused on gene therapy and therapeutic angiogenesis.” Isn’t that the same specialty as is Heiko von der Leyen’s?

Is Paavo Halonen, the mystery doctor, the spouse of Nurminen?


The Freemasons were abolished as a criminal organization in Finland in 1822 by Alexander I. Still this society has been operating in Finland for more than 100 years and recently opened doors to one of its temples / lodges to the newspaper Iltalehti. The Freemasons are a branch of the Illuminati secret society.


“There was a Bible on the table at the time of the filming, but according to Viinanen, it could just as easily be any other holy book”. The picture above shows the Masonic Temple in Helsinki..

The photo below has been shot at the House of the Estates, with all the elements of the Masonic Temple staged. At the time of its being built, it housed the three commoner estates of the four estates. Today, according to Wikipedia: “…The House of the Estates houses sporadic governmental meetings. It is also the established location for official coalition talks after general elections and for the sessions of High Court of Impeachment. In addition, the house is used by scientific and scholarly organizations for meetings. The building is owned by the Republic of Finland through Senate Properties.”

Wikipedia forgets to mention that the façade of the House of Estates contains masonic symbols as well as the House of Estates is being used as a masonic lodge. If the government isn’t meeting there, the freemasons are, or are they the same thing?

The identity of the photographer who shot the “Christmas greeting” picture – where PM Sanna Marin stands in the front and in the middle, not looking evil at all – has been speculated. If I had to guess, I no longer had to guess. I’d argue the photographer (of celebs) can be traced down to the Flour Gang.

If this sounds unfamiliar to you, I’d like to recommend you study the “Revealing Symbols” series. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

Is the Party Saga Over?

I don’t think so. It would be very unlikely that nothing else would come out.
In addition to that, several photos of Sanna Marin on various men’s laps (lap-dancing) have leaked out, Ilmari and the Eunuchs can’t control the PM any more than her security detail.

But let’s skip that. Like Elina Lappalainen’s text above says, her partying would not be an issue – if she did her job.

So, How Good a Prime Minister is Marin?

During her tenure of just few years, Finland built up 40 billion in debt under Marin. That is an astronomical sum by Finnish standards.

Most of the money borrowed and spent are done totally in vain. All the “catastrophes” Marin likes to brag how she (and maybe – HER – gov’t) has gone through rough times… Problem is, they are all by design, and there hasn’t even been catastrophes. There are catastrophes looming in the future, and we may only hope they subside, or go past us.

As a Prime Minister, it is fair to say that she is a total and utter failure, the worst thing that happened to Finland’s independence since the Russian Governor-General Nikolay Bobrikov. He was shot.

But from the Bobrikov perspective Marin has done impeccable job, sublime. From the perspective of her role as an Agenda Contributor to the World Economic Forum her destroying Finland, once a prosperous and proud nation – Prof. Schwab couldn’t be happier. Marin has spent money like there is no tomorrow – and divided the Finns so that they don’t fight back as bad as in the Winter War of 1939-1940 when the Globalists from East had ideas about how to run Finland.

The Fat Lady Sung – and the Party Goes On (for now…)

The mainstream media complex has launched a worldwide damage control campaign to defend Marin’s purity. The fat lady is not a reference to the former President – and informer for the DDR – Tarja Halonen. But The Lady of All the Ladies. Hillary Clinton.

Of all the people in the world – Hillary Clinton – in her tweet supports Marin, tells her to “party on”. From Cartagena, Colombia.

That is pretty much all we need to know. Sums this up nicely. The most power hungry female in the world, Hillary, providing her sisterly support for the world’s second most power hungry female, Marin – from Colombia. Now that’s symbolism!

Post Scriptum

While the Finnish PM keeps partying, with Hillary rooring her to do so, toot toot, the Finnish taxpayer-owned Fortum’s subsidiary Uniper loses €100 million a day selling gas to German cheaper than they pay for it.

At the same time when the price of energy in Europe, and all over the world, is skyrocketing, the Russian gas company Gazprom, gas of which the EU and Finland chose not pay for in rubles, has made profit worth of €41.6 billion ($ 41 752 808 500) during the first two fiscal quarters this year. [27]

They have to burn gas in the air for worth of €10M per day because they have no place to store it! The value of the ruble is up. The gas need not be expencive. High gas prices are high by design.

According to the EU, and the other globalists, they are sanctioning Russia. They are not. Let’s face it – the WEF-driven ecofascists are sanctioning their own subjects (formerly known as citizens).

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