The Revealing Symbols – Part 6 – SUPO (Suojelupoliisi = Security Police)

On May Eve, a situation that could have led to a major accident occurred in the Helsinki city center. Amidst of a crowd, a car was driving at frenetic speed and ended up in a collision with three other cars on the Pohjoisesplanadi, Helsinki. Miraculously, no one was killed. According to current information, a police patrol had already ordered the driver to stop at the North Beach, where he disobeyed the order. On closer inspection, this sequence of events is very unclear. Is everything as it seems?

Revealing Symbols Article Series

The Revealing Symbols series will be translated into English in the coming weeks!

The Revealing Symbols series of articles has been written for the Finnish injektionpiikki- blog. It is about the world of banking and who really runs this world. The whole series of articles is worth reading. The next part will be about Freemasons, Jesuits and other secret societies with leaders in very powerful positions, including the national level.

The Helsinki case brought out the hidden symbolism in very visible way. So prominently in fact, that this series of events will get its own slot in the Revealing Symbols article series.


Saturday 30th April 2022 at 19:25 [1]The event was first reported by the Iltalehti media. The accident had occurred on the North Esplanade near the famed Havis Amanda statue. Two people were injured. The news was updated and eventually it was revealed that the driver had collided with eight cars and three people were injured.

Web Archive – Iltalehti

Video of The Event

A video clip of the event has been circulated on SOME channels, showing the entire event. Neither the photographer nor the camera used for the filming of the clip is known. However, the camera/mobile phone in question offered a good image stabilization, as it hardly shakes despite the hard walking. The photographer is alone, since he does not talk to outsiders. What is the reason he is filming at that particular moment while walking and crossing the street? Coincidence?

Nobody Died, Which Is a Miracle!

A car was speeding wildly on the Northern Boulevard and luckily no one was hit. The situation looks as if the driver is in a state of psychosis, severe insanity or drugs. Several police officers are needed to subdue a person behaving in threatening and disorderly manner.

OR – it just looks that way! Let’s take a closer look at the video. What happens in about a minute, from when the car is hit, to when the perpetrator is knocked to the ground? Let’s look at the video

A Perpetrator Waits on The Street for Police Without Moving for Almost a Minute

After the collision, the perpetrator goes into the middle of the street to stand in a crotch position. He is accompanied by a passerby in a scarf and they just stand in the street. When the van of the caravan arrives the psychotic show begins. The perpetrator has been standing motionless in the street for at least 40 seconds, presumably nearly a minute.

Was the Offender in a State of Psychosis, Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugged?

By default, a psychotic person does not act in such a deliberate manner. If the perpetrator is under the influence of hallucinogens, even less so. The perpetrator stood motionless in the street for about a minute before the show started. Then he started shouting, “In the name of God – Get away from me Satan. Get away from me Satan. Get away from me Satan. Get away from me Satan. Amen. Amen. Amen.” (As if an actor hired to play a clown Christian to defame the same)

The Author Was Not in a Confused State

If you only look at the part of the video where the cops arrest the perpetrator and what the mainstream media portrays, it is clear, he is confused and deranged.

But, the perpetrator acted with complete deliberation, he waited for almost a minute in the middle of the street with a civilian passerby. The sequence of events is strange, very strange.

Civilian Commander

Immediately after the collision, an outsider arrives on the scene. He waits with the perpetrator on the street for the police to arrive for almost a minute, and this same civil person also orders the police to arrest him.

After the collision, the person in the co-driver’s seat exits onto the street. There was a mention of this in the first news reports, but after that it was completely forgotten by the press. The videographer turns the camera at the exact spot to film the street where the supposed person could be.

The first person (12 seconds) on the scene, in civilian clothes, orders the police. It is quite clear that the communication between the officers and this person is controlled and the officers have eye contact and subordinate position to the person giving the order. Who is the civilian commander?

Who Is the Perpetrator?

The name of the author is widely known on social media. But, since for some reason it has not been reported by the police or the mainstream media, the name is not specifically mentioned in this article.

The author is a 33-year-old civil servant living in the capital region. He has long experience in financial positions in the state administration and the banking world. He has had an upwardly mobile career specialising in economic and financial affairs.  He has been working continuously for the Ministry of Finance since the end of 2016. He also has experience in the European Parliament, where he was an assistant 10 years ago.

He’s a member of the main party and [2]a party member said he saw the perpetrator at a local briefing and everything had been normal. The perpetrator had stayed behind in the afternoon to dismantle the tent with others. Just a few hours later, he drove at high speed into a crowd. What on earth happened?

Outside Commander

There is an outsider on the scene at all times, who arrives almost immediately after the collision. The perpetrator exits the car with steady steps without wavering (serious drunkenness due to alcohol not counting). The perpetrator wrote [5]on social media that he blew zero with several witnesses on the scene. The author raises his hands in “victory”. The gesture has another meaning, discussed below.

From the moment of impact to the moment an outside commander arrives on the scene takes only 12 seconds. He has obviously just crossed the road or walked on the pavement. If you see an unexpected event, it will take a few seconds to process before action is taken.

The gentleman who will go on to command the police officers arrived on the scene very quickly. You could say that he was already on the spot.


This writing is included in the Revealing Symbols article series. The author has been sharing inexplicable symbolism images on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. After the event, the very next evening, he shared the photo below. According to reliable sources, the author was, at least at one time, a religious Christian.

The photo was clearly taken in a hospital, as the author is wearing hospital sandals. The objects on the table are placed deliberately, obviously.

If I had to make a guess, this image refers to [3]a Masonic/Kabbalistic tree of life.

February 13, 2022 Facebook

Facebook on February 13, 2022 has added a picture of drinking glasses arranged in a peculiar order. On purpose, obviously.

Royal Arch

If I had to make a guess, this image refers to [4]the Royal Arch (RA) 3° master masonry level of the Freemasons. The master masonry degree is the last part of a three-phase deep-spirited initiatory ornament.

Initiation is the initiation of a person into a new religious or social position. The highlight of the 3° initiation is the symbolic death and rebirth.

Alla Royal Arch (RA) 3° symbol. The drinking glasses represent the innermost symbol of the 3° master masonry degree.

The Triple Tau.
(Grand Emblem of Royal Arch Masonry)

Street Activity

The climax of the initiatory orbit of 3° is metaphorical death and rebirth. Immediately upon getting out of the car, the author raises his hands in a “victory sign” position. This is an ancient Jewish (Kabbalah) and pre-Christian pose belonging to the Masonic rite (non Christian). The image is from Masonic performance called “The Hidden Meanings of the 3 Degrees of Ritual v 3”.

An initiation ritual is known in petty crime organisations as the so-called prospecting activity. There, for example, a prospect member must commit a crime/homicide in order to get promoted in the organization.

What are Freemasons

The Freemasons are a secret society of highly influential people in society. The next part of this series of articles is intended to provide more in-depth information about their activities. In short, it is an international secret society whose members only learn the true nature of the organisation after they have risen to the top. Members at the lowest levels follow instructions from above and dutifully obey their oath of supremacy over secular law.

Watch the interview with Juhani Julin, he served the Masonic organization for 16 years until he realized the situation. About two weeks after the revealing interview he was supposedly killed. Officially, he was found dead under his ATV in his cottage.

Unfortunately, the video is not subtitled. The short message is that only at the highest levels of Freemasonry does it become clear that the organisation worships Lucifer. The lower levels do not know what is known at the higher levels. They do all the orders given under oath.


[6] Friday the 13th dates back to when King Philip the Fair of France imprisoned the Knights of the Order of the Temple. The king accused the Knights Templar of Satan worship. The Templars were imprisoned and burned at the stake.

The next Friday the 13th will be 13 May 2022, when history will repeat itself and Finland’s ALL Masons will be published with their names, titles, phone numbers and email addresses. The publication will be worldwide and the file will also include Grand Lodge leaders from around the world. This automated series of publication events can no longer be stopped even by the death of the undersigned.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The file contains professors and doctors who have ordered lower-level supervisors in the COVID-19 pandemic and caused a huge disaster by preventing early treatment of COVID-19, forcing mRNA injections on everyone, and following only the WHO and the Khazarian Ashkenazi mafia guidelines. The Freemasons are a criminal organisation operating under the auspices of the Khazarian Ashkenazi mafia, as are the Jesuit-based Knights of Malta. All these organisations worship Lucifer, or Satan.

The Mystical Man Who Was on the Scene All Along

On social media, a civilian giving orders to police officers has sparked astonishment. I can say with about 25 years of officer experience that no outsider gives any orders to on-duty police officers. The end of discussion.

However, this gentleman is ordering the cops around and the cops are making eye contact with him. He belongs to the police and the officers identified him. Otherwise, he would not have been posing within a meter of the capture. No ambiguity. He belongs to the police force.

Waiting a Minute Before Action

Preliminary action does not begin until the special forces unit (van) and photographer arrive on the scene a little over a minute after the collision. There is a rumour on social media that the man resembles Antti Pelttari, the director of SUPO (security police). SUPO director Antti Pelttari undeniably reminds the commander.

SUPO – Finnish Security Police

The Finnish Protection Police is the security and intelligence service under the Ministry of the Interior responsible for the national security of the Finnish state. Supo’s task is to prevent and combat the most serious threats to national security, such as terrorism or espionage.

According to a reliable source (who worked for SUPO), SUPO is a real “good faith club”


SUPO has been in the press for internal crimes, with a 2019 news story about [7]a case in which a senior inspector was implicated in illegalities in a case involving business safety inspections. The inspections targeted a company from which the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority requested a safety report. A nuclear power plant?

Finnish Citizenship for Gennady Timchenko Past SUPO

Right now, there is a case in the news, reported on 3 May 2022 at 18:39 in the evening newspaper. The then Director General of the Foreign Office, Matti Saarelainen (Supo background), arranged for Gennady Timchenko, known as a key aide to Vladimir Putin, to be granted Finnish citizenship by the Finnish Security Police (Supo) in 1999.

Matti Saarela has a Supo background, having been appointed in 2017 as the first director of the joint EU-NATO Centre of Excellence for the fight against hybrid threats.

[9]Saarelainen returned to the Protection Police in early October 2021. Neither Saarelainen nor SUPO has given a more detailed job description.

The Goodwill Club’s Information Leak to the Press

The case of Gennady Timchenko was reported a few days after the event. Matti Saaremaa must have been in hot water if he got a hint that someone from Supo was going to “leak” such inflammatory information to the press.

Who is the leaker? The mysterious man who ordered the cops around, who had just crossed the road at the scene of the crash?

SUPO (Security Police) Symbolism

SUPO has almost unlimited power to act without anyone knowing. It is Finland’s secret police. Every company has a logo and it reflects or tries to reflect the company’s values as best it can. Below is the SUPO logo:

The logo clearly has SUPO so that the letters are together. Certain parts of the letter combinations are highlighted. If you change the highlighted parts to the background colour it looks like this.

From the image or symbol, no one would conclude that this is SUPO. If you saw the image above for the first time would SUPO come to mind? Presumably not. If the logo is highlighted so clearly it must have a purpose. Let’s flip the logo, because in symbolism things are sometimes hidden sideways or upside down.

Now that’s clearly P2, isn’t it? But what is P2?

P2 – Propaganda Due

Propaganda Due is a Masonic lodge under the Grand Orient of Italy, founded in 1877. Its Masonic charter was revoked in 1976, turning it into a secret, anti-communist, anti-Soviet, anti-leftist, pseudo-Masonic and radical right-wing organisation, in violation of Article 18 of the Italian Constitution, which banned secret societies

P2 was called a “state within a state” or a “shadow government”. It included prominent journalists, MPs, industrialists and military leaders – including Silvio Berlusconi, who later became Italian Prime Minister, and the heads of all three Italian intelligence services (at the time SISDE, SISMI and CESIS). During a search of the Gelli villa in 1982, police found a document called “A Plan for Democratic Rebirth”, which called for the consolidation of the media, the suppression of trade unions and the rewriting of the Italian constitution.

Outside Italy, P2 was also active in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. Among its Argentine members was Raúl Alberto Lastiri, who served briefly as the country’s interim president after the end of Argentina’s self-appointed “Argentine Revolution” dictatorship (1966-1973); Emilio Massera, who was part of the military junta led by Jorge Rafael Videla during Argentina’s last civilian military dictatorship (1976-1983); José López Rega, who served as Minister of Social Affairs (1973-1975) and was the founder of the Argentine anticommunist paramilitary organisation; general and convicted murderer Guillermo Suárez Mason.

Could the Symbolism of SUPO’s Logo Be a Coincidence?

Of course it could be. However, the P2 Masonic Lodge has operated in many countries precisely as an infiltration of intelligence services.

Is it right that members of a satanic secret society hold important social positions and have taken an oath to go above secular law? Moreover, over the civil law, the oath is sworn to defend every brother Mason. Do you think this should be allowed?

I recommend reading all the parts of the “Revealing Symbols” series:

The Revealing Symbols series will be translated into English in the coming weeks!


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[2] IL clarified: This is the suspected hit-and-run driver of the Esplanade

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