The meaning and history of the injektiopiikki’s logo

Injektiopiikki got a new logo on 1.11.2021. The logo is not new. It was already made in March-April 2019 when it was also tattooed on my back. The tattoo is big and detailed. The idea and meanings of the logo have been manifested on my skin for a long time.

The battle for justice and fairness

I was doing well financially, the online application I made was selling worldwide and everything was going well. I had developed it over the years in my free time, about six years in total. I had put a lot of effort into it, it was important to me and I had done it with all my heart. People enjoyed using it and it helped them to feel healthy and well.

An unimaginable event

Then something unimaginable happened, and it drove me into years of living hell. I was fighting for my rights and justice until the end, but the result was devastating for me.

I gave up

However, years of hope for justice ended horribly and drove me to a state where nothing mattered. Nothing felt like nothing. I was spiritually dead. I paid all the costs of injustice. And I made my decision.

I said goodbye to my wife and children and told them I was going on a long journey, perhaps a very long journey. The idea was that I would die naturally, accidentally, or otherwise. Life felt too burdensome and meaningless.

I went to die in the mountains

I went to the airport and chose a flight to Asia because I like oriental culture. I stayed in a hotel built into the side of a hill. Every night I would walk to the edge of the roof of the hotel, which was about 30 meters high, hoping to have a Meniere’s seizure.

The Meniere’s attacks started unexpectedly during the trip and that had never happened before. Before that, I was perfectly healthy. In a Meniere’s attack, the balance goes off without warning.

I had completely surrendered to the idea that God, or whatever it is, will let me out of this hell on earth when the time is right.

On the edge

I always went for a “walk” after six o’clock, because it got dark and no one could see me walking on the curb. One evening there was a slight breeze that suddenly stopped completely.

I sensed that now God had accepted my countless prayers and was taking me away. I expected to lose my balance. It did not happen. But I heard that something was coming.

The complete calm turned into a very, very loud gust of wind that blew me off the edge of the roof. I heard the deck chairs on the lower level fly against the wall. It was an absolutely wicked (or divine) wind. But I was convinced it wasn’t time to leave yet.

If you’ve been to the equator, there is indeed the moment of calm preceding the storm. It just happened so that I was dumbfounded upon this phenomenon.

Heal yourself

The next morning I made the decision to try to heal myself and get something, anything, other than drugs, alcohol, or drugs to make a bad feeling go away.

The very next day I went to a local meditation master, with the idea that I would use meditation to gradually get my mind right as I learned to calm down.


I had never been to a guided meditation before and this meditation was not what I expected, calmness. It was tight concentration, heavy hyperventilation, and alternating between holding my breath.

During the meditation, something very strange happened to me and I won’t open the events any further. At the end of the meditation, I asked the master what the hell just happened to me? Have you hypnotized me?

The power of life

He asked me, “Don´t you really know? I said I don’t know anything about meditation, it’s my first time and I haven’t studied meditation in any depth.

He explained that within each one of us lives a Kundalini, the power of life. It is in a spiral around the sacrum and when it awakens, the force goes up the spine. Your Kundalini energy is now awakened, it will rise towards the head. It is the life force that resides in each of us, but only for a few it awakens. Your energy has just awakened.

He said that although he has a long experience of kundalini awakening, he very rarely sees it. Kundalini awakening is the ultimate goal of meditation and for you, it occurred at the first time. It usually takes a long, long time.

What it means

I asked what it means when Kundalini awakens. “Whatever you wish for in your heart, it will happen. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe a long time from now. But it will inevitably happen at some point. You have that power now. When your Kundalini rises high enough, your third eye will also open”. What does it mean? “It means a very strong intuition”.

The master also told me things that I won’t write here.


When I woke up the next morning, I felt completely reborn. The burden of a million pounds was gone. The themes and symbols of the tattoo were clear in my mind, I designed it in a few days and then it was hammered into my back. The tattoo itself took a total of 48 hours to execute.


There is only one thing I have wished for so far. It is that no one should have to experience the same injustice that I did, that is, the injustice that leads to death.

Will my wish come true

I don’t know how this will turn out. Will my wish come true? I hope so, I don’t know.

But I will do everything in my power to make my heart’s desire come true. The injustice that leads to death must end. It is happening right now, worldwide.

Back to daily life

When I came back to Finland, I started working as an anesthetic nurse, because I had a long experience in that field. I gave away the online application so that users could continue to use it. I didn’t want a penny of money for it, but I didn’t want it to die out, because I didn’t die either. It’s still running, but I no longer own it.


In the middle of the logo is the Anahata, or heart chakra.

Main theme: unconditional love, honesty of heart, a touch of soul.


The mandala is a symbolic image used in holy rituals and as an aid to meditation. In some religions, mandalas are so important that they can even be used as the floor plan of entire temples. The mandala can be defined in two ways: externally as a schematic, visual representation of the universe, and internally as a guide to many Asian forms of psychophysical religious practice such as meditation.

In the logo, Anahata is linked to the mandala, i.e. unconditional love is linked to the external world.


Kundalini is a term that means the life force that is associated with the “subtle” or non-physical “energy body”. Dormant Kundalini energy is said to be twisted in the sacrum at the base of the spine.

In the logo, the energy of Kundalini penetrates the Anahata and Mandala and gives them its energy.

The third eye

The third eye is said to see what our intellect does not yet recognize and to understand what is not said out loud.

When you open your third eye, you open yourself to an expanded awareness. Your mind is clear and you are able to open to those things and perceptions that do not come from your rational thinking or the knowledge of the teachings of this world. You know without the need for proof. The important thing is to trust that knowledge.

In the Logos, the third eye is placed over the kundalini because they are interrelated in this case.

Karma Circle – behind everything is KARMA

According to Karma’s rule, “everyone will reap what he sows” and everyone will eventually have to face the consequences of his actions and either suffer because of them or be redeemed bythem.


That’s the whole story

So the logo was born very deep in the heart and has a lot of symbolism. Each part of the symbol means good and by combining the symbols that mean good, their meaning increases.

The Meniere-type episodes magically stopped and they haven’t come back. The people I loved waited for me to come back home.

Thank you.

I have resigned from my job and no longer work in the healthcare sector. Read more about the reasons for resignation.

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